ST Alphito Canadian Language Schools 2021 will be held online on 4th June 2021


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New Alphito conference online - limited spaces!
Dear Igor Ozerin, 

New Online event! 

ST Alphito Canadian Language Schools 2021 will be held online on 4th June 2021. 

Be the first to reserve your place here and meet Canadian Language schools in one day!

I will be in touch a week prior to the conference to confirm your attendance. 

Please also find our upcoming conferences in the following months – they are all online, 20 mins per meeting and 4 hours long in total. 

Upcoming Online Conferences:

May 2021

Secondary Focus European High Schools - 5th May

AGPI - Guardianship Providers in Ireland - 14th May

English USA - Europe - 19th May  

Russia - 21st May

UK and Irish Language Schools - 26th May


June 2021
Pathway Programs - 2nd June

Turkey - 4th June

High Schools (e-learning & virtual schooling) - 9th June

Secondary Focus UK: Europe - 16th June

Central Asia - 18th June

July 2021

UK and Irish Language Schools - 2nd July

Secondary Focus, Western Canada - 7th July

Secondary Focus, Eastern Canada - 14th July

High Schools USA - Europe - 21st July 


August 2021

Secondary Focus, Australia - 4th August  

Secondary Focus, New Zealand - Europe - 11th August

Turkey - 13th August

Full list

Thank you!

Viktorija Versaloviciute
Agent Organizer
T: +44 (0) 207 440 4028


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23 Мая 2021, 14:36 | # 91330

School Holiday Revision programmes , 2021
School  Holiday  Revision 2021

Inspiring Education in the heart of the University City of Oxford, or online in your own home. 

OISC is a well-established international school situated in a historic building in the centre of  Oxford. For many years we have offered School Holiday Revision programmes, both in academic subjects and in English language. OISC is accredited by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (grade one in all categories, which is “outstanding”), a member of COBIS and the European Association for International Education, and a member of ECIS. 

The OISC Half Term and Summer Revision Programmes

  1. Revision programmes for a wide range of curricula – IB at HL and SL, (including TofK and Extended essay support if required) , A level, A/S, (I)GCSE, with all syllabuses and subjects offered. 
  1. Preparation for English language tests including IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge examinations, as well as support in General English for students taking other subjects 
  1. Oxford and Cambridge test preparation, advice and practice. 
  1. German Abitur (Englisch als LK)
  2. Boarding School entrance tests including ISEB,UKISET, and other entrance and scholarship examinations, including 13+ and 16+ 

The courses include :

  1. A full timetable including small group and individual teaching, mock exams, Study Skills, and supervised study.
  2. Advice on UCAS applications, interviews, and personal statements, if required.  

Accommodation options

  1. Host families, which have been inspected and approved
  2. The Residence (age 14+) which offers en suite rooms,

a common room and dining room 

Fees and other charges


Standard programme:                                £550 per week

English Language only:                               £300 per week (£400 for 30 lessons) 

This includes:

  1. A choice of up to four subjects (20 lessons per week in small groups, or individual tuition of equivalent value if group tuition is not available in a subject). Students taking only one subject have 20 lessons in that subject.
  2. Assessments 

Individual programme:                                             £950 per week

This includes 20 private lessons, mock exams, study skills and supervised study

Extra individual tuition:                               £50 per lesson

We offer a reduction in fees for students joining the programme in small groups, or for members of the same family .


Host family                                      £250 per week 

£270 per week (under 16) 

Residence (en suite)                     £500per week 

Accommodation is in single rooms (unless friends wish to share) with half board and weekend lunches .


Students arrive Sundays and leave on Saturdays. Since school holidays differ internationally there are no set dates, and students may stay for any number of weeks .

If you would like further information on Easter ,Half Term or Summer programmes please email me or phone +44 1865 201009 

-- Carolyn Llewelyn, MA (Oxon)International Director Oxford International Study Centre7 St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1BSTel: +44 (0)1865 our page on Facebook: us on Twitter:

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