“Zoni - "Beyond The Conventional!” Our Premium courses are delivered in the new type of classrooms called Learning Studios



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26 Апреля 2017, 10:12 | # 75078

Last call for your Help


Dear Partner,

As Zoni Language Centers, we would be honored to have your help and ask for your vote in the ST Star Awards 2017.
This is your opportunity to help some of your loyal business partners – Zoni Language Centers managed to gain popularity during the last 25 years and got its name mentioned frequently due to numerous positive outcomes:
1. Maintain the academic excellent in the industry were is very competitive.
2. Reinvented our Boutique schools. Changes from classrooms for Learning Studios.
3. Modern facilities with State-of-the-art technology.
4. Our professional team will always go the extra mile to offer their help and support.
5. The eclectic approach is the label given to follow a communicative approach combined with a curriculum developed for the last 25 years by highly professionals in the industry.
6. Much more
We have assisted thousands of students to learn English and find the right education and career development in order to improve their language skills or to pursue their higher education goals in their BA / MBA so, they can continue to conquer their dreams. Be highlighted with its successful quality way to run an education institution focusing on the term ‘innovation’, Zoni language Centers is branded mentioned with its reliability and wonderful feedbacks from our students.
We, Zoni Language Centers are proud to be represented by your organization and make Zoni a worldwide school of choice for everyone.
Thank you and I appreciated your support!

Best regards,

Julio Nieto
Vice President Marketing
Zoni Language Centers

->Last chance to help us please vote here<-

“Zoni - "Beyond The Conventional!”
Our Premium courses are delivered in the new type of classrooms called Learning Studios, where our students take an active role in their education by participating in hands on interactive classes which are both academic and enjoyable. The instructional delivery of these classes help students realize the importance of social communication as an integral part of the teaching and learning process.

We have courses that are available and affordable, in all our campuses which are located in top destinations. Zoni English language training is available in different locations such as the USA, Canada, and the UK . We have built a high reputation in providing globally, English training.

University & College Placement Services Available

ZONI LANGUAGE CENTERS 22 west 34th street New York, NY 10001

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