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Are your students interested in a career in Biotechnology, Clinical Research Management, or Forensic Genetics

New students graduating from high school can now obtain a Bachelor of Science’s in Biology from Texas Wesleyan University and a Master’s of Science (degree issued by UNT Health Science Center) in Biotechnology, Clinical Research Management, or Forensic Genetics in a total of 5 years:  

  1. Biotechnology: In-depth training in the science and methodology utilized in Biotechnology.
  2. Clinical Research Management: Depth knowledge of federal regulations and good clinical practices as well as international guidelines specifically as they relate to protection of human rights, prevention, and detection of fraud and the use of sound scientific principles.
  3. Forensic Genetics: The science and methodology in the DNA analysis of forensic evidence in one of the best laboratory environments in the world.

Early admission to UNTHSC is guaranteed to students who maintain the admissions standards while completing the program requirements mandated by both institutions.  In the meantime, students benefit from the small class sizes and personalized attention of Texas Wesleyan University (average of 16 students per class) during difficult undergraduate-level courses, i.e. the typical “weed out courses” used to reduce prospective majors at larger institutions. At Texas Wesleyan University, we focus on passing and progressing our students, versus “weeding them out”.

Following successful completion of the fourth year of the program, the student will be awarded the B.S. degree from Texas Wesleyan University and upon completion of the fifth year at UNTHSC, the M.S. degree from UNTHSC in Biotechnology, Clinical Research Management, or Forensic Genetics.

Please contact with questions! 

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