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13 Апреля 2017, 11:24 | # 74879

Greetings from Boise, Idaho!  

As summertime quickly approaches, it's time to focus on opportunities for students to expand their horizons. And there's no better place than in Boise, Idaho at Riverstone International School this July. 

From July 16 - August 5, students will attend daily workshops and classes, improve their English, go camping in the Idaho wilderness, enjoy local theater, experience a western rodeo, and go to a cultural festival. There are many things that make Riverstone's Summer Residential Program a great option for prospective students. Those who are considering applying for this program should also know why Boise is an ideal summer location: 

The Weather! Boise enjoys an abundance of sunshine and dry, warm weather. Temperatures average around 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but can (and sometimes do) rise into the low 100's. Attendees should be sure to bring their bathing suits and sunglasses to soak in the warm summer days! 

Downtown Boise! Students will enjoy living in the Riverstone dormitory, which is located only a few blocks from the heart of downtown Boise and adjacent to the Boise River. The summer months showcase the best of our capital city with interesting people, music, shopping, restaurants and festivals. Students will have free time to explore the many sights and activities that downtown Boise has to offer.  

Outdoor Activities! Students will be active and experience many of the natural landscapes that make Boise one of the most active cities in the U.S. With the Boise Foothills, the Boise River, and its many parks and surrounding forests, students will have the opportunity to venture out and take advantage of the natural beauty that makes Boise a great summer choice! 

Because space will be limited to only 30 students, the time to apply is now! 

Find out more details about the program, our dorm, tuition, and how to apply on our website

Start your application here and please direct any questions you may have my way. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Adventure Awaits at Riverstone's Summer Program!


Rachel Pusch

Director of Enrollment Management and Administration  


(208) 424-5000 #3

Riverstone International School, 5521 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise, ID 83716
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