Riverstone International School is pleased to have been awarded the distinction of being one of America's Most Challenging High Schools



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Hello from Boise, Idaho – one of America’s fastest growing cities, located in the Pacific Northwestern United States. If you don’t already know about Riverstone International School, here’s a quick overview:

Riverstone International School is a co-educational, private, independent school in Boise, Idaho offering our 370 day and residential students the academic prestige of the International Baccalaureate Programs and the personal attention of a supportive community school. Engaging classroom discussions continue when students explore Idaho’s mountains and deserts with classmates and teachers. We offer concierge college counseling and athletic, musical, and academic extracurricular activities.

Small classes and strong relationships with teachers form the backbone of the Riverstone experience. Our students confidently share their perspective, think critically, creatively solve problems, and collaborate. One hundred percent of graduates are accepted into 4-year colleges around the world.

Our new dormitory is located in downtown Boise, the third most populous city in the US Pacific Northwest, with easy access to skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking. Our four-season climate and safe city provide many opportunities for students to learn, recreate, shop, and explore all our beautiful city and state has to offer. Please see our brochure here to find out more.

Riverstone International School is pleased to have been awarded the distinction of being one of America's Most Challenging High Schools by the Washington Post from 2016 onward. In addition, Niche.com, and online rating site, ranks Riverstone as the #1 Private High school and best boarding school in Idaho, and #49 in the USA’s Best Boarding Schools category. We continue to receive an A+ grade from Niche on an annual basis, for which we are incredibly proud.

As you think about what will be important to your students, please keep in mind that Riverstone International School is one of only a handful of boarding schools that offers the prestigious International Baccalaureate Programmes. One of the most important reasons that Riverstone graduates are successful in achieving the IB Diploma is the strong support and encouragement from our teachers.

Anton, Riverstone Class of 2019 who is now attending College of Mount Saint Vincent in New York, shares his thoughts about his three years at Riverstone.

Please watch Anton’s video here.

I will be representing Riverstone International School around the world this and next month in the following cities and would love to meet with you. Please email me to let me know of your availability.



October 18 - 19

Irvine, CA

November 1 – 3

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

November 4 – 5

Istanbul, Turkey

November 6 – 8

Almaty, Kazakhstan

November 9 – 11

Moscow, Russia

November 12

Cologne, Germany

November 13

Frankfurt, Germany

November 14

Munich, Germany

I look forward to telling you more about how your students can benefit from a Riverstone International School education.

Adventure Awaits at Riverstone!


Rachel Pusch
Director of Admissions and Marketing

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PS - here are a few easy links to help you understand more about our school:



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Майкл Линтон был повторно назначен попечителем галереи Тейт

Премьер-министр повторно назначил Майкла Линтона попечителем Тейт на четырехлетний срок с 22 июня 2021 года по 21 июня 2025 года.

Майкл Линтон в настоящее время входит в совет директоров Snap, Inc., Warner Music Group и Смитсоновского института. С апреля 2012 года по февраль 2017 года он занимал должность генерального директора Sony Entertainment, курируя глобальные развлекательные компании Sony, включая Sony Music Entertainment, Sony / ATV Music Publishing и Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Майкл также занимал пост председателя и генерального директора Sony Pictures Entertainment с января 2004 года. До прихода в Sony Pictures он работал в Time Warner и занимал должность генерального директора AOL Europe, президента AOL International и президента Time Warner International, а ранее занимал пост председателя. и генеральный директор Penguin Group Pearson PLC, где он курировал приобретение Putnam, Inc. и распространил бренд Penguin на музыку и Интернет.

Попечители Тейт не получают вознаграждения. Это повторное назначение было произведено в соответствии с Кодексом управления Кабинета министров о государственных назначениях . Процесс назначения регулируется Уполномоченным по государственным назначениям. Согласно Кодексу, любая значительная политическая деятельность, осуществленная назначенным лицом за последние пять лет, должна быть декларирована. Это определяется как занятие должности, публичные выступления, внесение регистрируемого пожертвования или выдвижение кандидатуры на выборах. Майкл Линтон не заявлял о какой-либо деятельности.

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