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The Hollywood Fringe Festival Is Back!
The 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival is a GO! Registration is open, and artists can take part from anywhere in the world in the first-ever digitally-driven festival running August 12-29, 2021. This year’s festival will be a lively composition of livestream performances and Covid-safe, outdoor work. For the first time, both artists and audiences can engage in the Hollywood Fringe from anywhere in the world. More>>
Meet The H.E.ART – Heartfelt Education through the ARTs
They operate their nonprofit performing arts academy at their home, The H.E.ART MKM Cultural Arts Center in the center of the NoHo Arts District. They’ve done a lot with the space and many new programs and projects are coming soon! They manage the operation of a historic facility that boasts three beautiful dance studios, a theatre, a large patio incorporating an outdoor stage, and a private parking lot. More>>
North Hollywood Black and Minority Business Expo | June 20 
Our NoHo Arts District creative community has been through a roller coaster ride during the pandemic and their resilience should be applauded. This week we feature The North Hollywood Black & Minority Business Expo (NoHo BMBE) as they approach their one-year anniversary with a celebration expo at NoHo Park on June 20. More>>
Vegan Chili Con "Carne" in 15 Minutes? | Vs Jaime Oliver [Recipe]
Chaotic Food takes a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals cookbook and we see how long it actually takes. Likewise, we also convert them to vegan to see if it’s even worth cooking in the first place. Today is Vegan Chili Con "Carne!" More>>
“Urban Death Trail of Torment” | Through June 13
Walk through a dimly-lit labyrinth straight into our phantasmagoria of inexplicable horrors, unfathomable monstrosities, and the disturbing spirits that walk among us.“Urban Death Trail of Torment” is a haunted walk-thru theatre performance that rises from the darkest depths of our pandemic to celebrate “URBAN DEATH’s” 16th triumphant year of terrifying new nightmares. More>>
Give a Big NoHo WELCOME BACK to Jenny’s Nail Studio
Our NoHo businesses have been through a roller coaster ride during the pandemic. But, slowly our arts district is reopening its doors. It’s a time to celebrate North Hollywood’s resilience. So, let’s give a big NoHo WELCOME BACK to Jenny’s Nail Studio. Meet co-owner Jenny. She has 18 years of experience in providing full-service nail, facial and make up services. More>>
The Pitfire Spring Menu Is Here!
We are doing a North Hollywood restaurant and bar series so our neighborhood gets to know the fun and unique local hangouts. This week we feature NoHo’s Pitfire and their new spring menu. The seasonal additions are headlined by new offerings from the core of what makes Pitfire special – pizza!
Luminario Ballet’s Short Dance Film, “L’Invalide”
Luminario Ballet presents the fevered Covid dream story of”L’Invalide,” a short dance film. It’s an Alice in Wonderland meets Dracula meets the Wilis from “Giselle” dance film. “It’s a ballet, a story, a music video (three songs, actually!), and a dream (a nightmare? a fantasy?), all rolled into one wild 12-minute dance film,” says Luminario Ballet founder and artistic director, Judith FLEX Helle.  More>>
Reykjavík” Review | Extended through June 13
“Reykjavik” is the second show in the Road Theatre Company’s 2021 virtual season.  Their fantastic live recorded performance format gives us the best possible seat in the house, using four cameras and seamless live editing to give us the best of both worlds. “Reykjavik” is an exquisite play, truly. Its magical realism seems the perfect fit for stories set in a world so different from our own.  All black beaches and green mountains and steaming hot water. As if every element is really existing as its opposite.  So maybe that’s the magic of the place and why these strange, compelling, devastating and savage stories fit so very well there.  More>>
"Motel 66" | June 17 - August 1
The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre is proud to present the world premiere of “MOTEL 66,” 12 new one-act plays set in different cities along ‘Get Your Kicks on Route 66’. The “MOTEL 66″ short plays will be performed as two different programs of six plays each, June 17 through August 1, “Head East” Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm, and “Go West” Fridays and Sundays at 8:00 pm – all in the newly built outdoor experience The Yard. The Yard offers live outdoor theater while implementing up-to-the-minute covid compliance. More>>
“For Love or Money” | Friday, June 18
The onset of the pandemic forces a successful 76-year-old businessman to examine his choices in life, what he thinks he has achieved, and what he feels he has lost. Why did he so fervently quest for money and security at the expense of his own happiness and the trampling of his artistic soul? Join writer/performer Mitch Feinstein on this autobiographical journey that invites all of us to consider: Can we learn lessons and make changes, or is it too late? 
“Lovers and Other Strangers” | Through June 26
“Lovers and Other Strangers” is an evening of five untitled comedic one-acts adding up to less than 80 minutes of brilliant comedy writing and wonderful relatable people seduced by love, arguing about love, marrying with love, cheating with love and confused by love. More>>
Interact Theatre Company presents the 12-minute short film “Faultless” – an online therapy session that reveals the truth about everyone.
"'Faultless,' a 12-minute short film, is clever, inventive and extremely relevant take on our current preponderance, voluntary or not, for doing absolutely everything online." More>>
It’s Dim Sum Time at Tamashii
This week we feature Tamashii Ramen House, their new Dim Sum steam menu additions, and their different daily specials. But, what exactly does Tamashii mean? The English translation of the word ta-ma-shi-i is “soul.” There is nothing more satisfying than when you can have a delicious meal that comforts your soul. It is the soulful, comforting, and satisfying quality that describes the food and atmosphere at Tamashii Ramen. Let's welcome back Tamashii! More>>
Diversity Casting, Finally?
I never thought of diversity in casting as a goal.
My agent sent me out for “typical Hispanic roles,” gardener, Colombian drug lord, illegal alien, priest, migrant worker, busboy, waiter, construction worker, and car mechanic. Now I am watching shows both American and British that show the world and characters that actually resemble my daily life and I suspect, the life of many of my fellow human beings. Is television catching up to the real world as we know it? I would have to give a qualified yes. Can we all do better? Most assuredly. More>>
Changes Are Coming to the NoHo Arts District
Meet District NoHo, a new North Hollywood development and one of the largest in the NoHo Arts District’s 20+ year history.  More>>
Sidewalk Singers Bring Music (and joy) to NoHo
How does this 2021 singing telegram work? "A singer and guitarist will arrive with sanitized balloons to the front of your home, (socially distanced) or to the home of a friend/loved one and perform! If it’s a surprise for someone else, we can be in text communication with you the whole time! We will also be wearing our face masks! We can perform songs of ALL GENRES and if one of the songs you want isn’t on our list, we will LEARN IT JUST FOR YOU! We specialize in birthdays, anniversaries, or even a morale booster for your best friend! Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from creating beautiful memories for your special day!!" More>>
Online Acting Class Guide
When we get dealt a heavy hand like COVID19, we find a creative solution - that's the NoHo way. For our acting classes it's no different. Our acting classes have gone online for the time being and we've created a list for our readers. Remember, they may cancel our in-person acting classes but they will not take our acting classes away. More>>
Getting Commercial and Theatrical Headshots During the Pandemic
As the theatre and film industries look to get back in the swing of things, actors are more and more getting ready for new opportunities. For many actors, new headshots will be in order. But health experts continue to warn the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat. So, what can actors do to safely get updated headshots?
NoHo is a neighborhood filled with actors, after all, we have 20+ theaters in one square mile! What do most actors need? More>>

Reminder: NoHo News:  Hollywood Fringe! Vegan Chili Con "Carne." Motel 66. North Hollywood Black and Minority Business Expo. The H.E.ART MKM Cultural Arts Center.  Urban Death Trail of Torment. The "Magic" of Reykjavík. #KeepNoHoArtsy.



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31 Октября 2021, 16:39 | # 95479

Дополнительная поддержка COVID-19 развернута в некоторых частях Восточной Англии

Дополнительная поддержка будет оказана трем местным властям на востоке Англии в связи с высоким уровнем случаев COVID-19 в регионе.

После последнего обзора данных о коронавирусе (COVID-19) дополнительная поддержка будет развернута с 1 ноября в Кембриджшире, Питерборо и Саффолке в связи с высокими показателями случаев COVID-19 в этом районе.

Решение было принято в сотрудничестве с местными властями и основано на последних данных и местных мнениях. Будет предоставлена адресная дополнительная поддержка.

В пакет входят опции для:

  • целевая поддержка для максимального увеличения охвата вакцинами и тестированием
  • дополнительное тестирование в этих целевых областях
  • дополнительная помощь для местных кампаний в области общественного здравоохранения
  • временные дополнительные меры в образовательных учреждениях

Эта дополнительная поддержка будет действовать в течение 5 недель с 1 ноября, чтобы обеспечить возможность целенаправленных действий на местном уровне. Ученики вернутся в школу на следующей неделе, как и планировалось.

Местным жителям настоятельно рекомендуется сохранять осторожность и следовать национальным рекомендациям, в том числе делать прививки, носить маски для лица в местах массового скопления людей, таких как общественный транспорт, встречаться на открытом воздухе, где это возможно, впускать свежий воздух в дома или другие закрытые пространства.

Генеральный директор Агентства по безопасности здоровья Великобритании ( UKHSA ) Дженни Харрис сказала:

Хотя мы вернулись к более привычному образу жизни, важно, чтобы мы все продолжали играть свою роль в борьбе с распространением вируса, особенно по мере того, как мы переезжаем в зиму.

Каждый, особенно в Кембриджшире, Питерборо и Саффолке, может предпринять простые шаги, чтобы защитить себя, сделав прививку, надев защитные маски для лица в людных местах, впустив свежий воздух при смешивании в помещении и регулярно мыть руки.

Вакцинация - лучший способ защитить себя от COVID-19. Я призываю всех, кто имеет право, как можно скорее выступить со своим джебом - будь то первая, вторая или ревакцинирующая доза.

Данные UKHSA показывают, что программа вакцинации существенно ослабила связь между случаями заболевания, госпитализацией и смертельным исходом . У вакцинированных людей гораздо меньше шансов заразиться COVID-19 с симптомами и еще меньше шансов получить серьезный COVID-19, попасть в больницу или умереть от вируса.

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