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Dear WikiVisa.Ru, 

I believe you are fine.  

Mahatma Gandhi University Rwanda is look forward for partners and alliances to establish collaborations with. 

It is our greatest pleasure to introduce ourselves with a humble request, goal and plan to establish working relationship. 

MGU Introduction

As a means of introduction,Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) is a leading Rwandan educational institution, established and recognized by Higher Education Council, Ministry of Education, Govt. of the Republic of Rwanda.  Additionally, MGU is Rwanda (www.mgu.ac.rw) is amember of esteemed organization named Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA). It is a non-profit organization of Universities in East Africa region that facilitates maintenance of internationally comparable education standards in East Africa so as to promote the region's competitiveness in higher education. In addition to this, the University has received the accreditation from various international organizations around the world which enhances the quality of the content and curriculum of open, distance, flexible, e-learning and online education such as Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA), International Council of Open and Distance Education (ICDE), member of United Nations Global Compact Programs, Institutional Member of Association for the advancement of International Education, USA (AAIE), Association of African Universities (AAU) and many more.

To achieve its objective of providing world class education to its students, MGU has set up a state-of-the-art campus in Kigali & Kabuga and offers Graduate, Post-graduate and Research Programs in a range of contemporary subject areas. The University has added new innovative ideas for students to make their learning process ‘easy & interesting’, some of them are as mention below:- 

  1. Self Learning Material (SLM)                      9. Online On-demand Examination 
  2. E-Learning                                              10. Online Admission Facility
  3. Video Lectures                                         11. Multi-Entry and Multi-Exit Facility
  4. Dynamic Web-Portal                                 12. Student Placement Services
  5. Learning Management System (LMS)         13. Online career counseling
  6. E-Library                                                 14. Industry Speakers
  7. Dictionaries of specialized subjects            15. Self assessment Tests
  8. IT Simulations                                          16.Skill development programs 

Forms of Collaboration 

MGU desires to develop and cultivate relationships to foster mutual interest with your University by creating and maintaining partnerships and tie-ups. As we explore the areas of collaboration, Mahatma Gandhi University is looking forward to work closely with yourUniversity/Institution in various areas including: 

  • Collaborative research and education programs
  • Exchange and study abroad programs for students, faculty and staff
  • Developing curriculum of international relevance
  • Sharing of latest technologies
  • New methods of management through extension and other programs
  • Funding opportunities for joint activities which provides mutual benefits to each institutions’ teaching, research and outreach programs
  • Creation of symposia, seminars, conferences and other such outlets for the dissemination of joint project
  • Social projects
  • Joint projects 

** We are also looking for focused partners who have relevant experience of providing counseling and admission assistance to students. Explore the opportunity of becoming our trusted Information Partner. 

Kindly find attached below the University's prospectus, Advertisements, Application forms, Marketing materials and recent communications. 

Thanks and Regards


Thanks & Regards, 

Alphonse Tusiyenge

Mahatma Gandhi University

|T| +250-781462273/+250-785441113
|E| inquiry@mgu.ac.rw
|W| www.mgu.ac.rw 

'BE THE CHANGE, you wish to see in the World'

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