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Good aftenoon from New Zealand 

Since we last communicated, we are fortunate in New Zealand that we have moved from our Level 4 Lockdown to Level 3.  This means there has been some relaxation of the lockdown requirements but for most people we equate the change as Level 4 with the ability to obtain contactless fast food from local restaurants, McDonalds, KFC and more.  On the 1th May the NZ Government will announce if we are to move to Level 2 which means all schools can resume and most people can return to work. 

During the period of the lockdown, here at UP Education we have been fortunate in being able to deliver to most of our students Online.   Many of you will have experienced the same challenges that my wife has found with Online delivery.  It may sound simple but there is more preparation time and more challenges to face with delivery.  Like missing student eye contact, assuming all students have stayed Online for the lesson and a growth in direct email contact between student and teacher.  My wife has enjoyed the challenge. 

New Zealand has not experienced the same degree of pain to Covid-19 as other countries.    We shut our borders to non-residents very early and we were one of the first countries to stop cruise ships visiting our ports.  THe international airlines, including our own Air New Zealand are signiifcantly impacted.   We are fortunate to have had few Covid related deaths (less than 20, per head of population one of the lowest death rates) and while our hospitals prepared for large numbers of people being admitted for care, this has not occured.  In reality on any day we have had less than 20 people in hospital and of those even less have been admitted to an Intensive Care Unit. 

Some countries have relaxed their Covid controls and then seen a second wave of Covid-19 breakout.  Perhaps we as a nation are overly cautious.    

Much of the Covid-19 success can be attributed to the reaction of the New Zealand Government under Prime Minister Ardern and Dr. Ashley Bloomfield who is the Head of the Ministry of Health

This is what the worlds press are saying about New Zealand 

BBC are saying:            Coronavirus - How NZ got its coffees back

New Zealand claims no community cases as lockdown eases 

CNN have reported:     New Zealand lockdown and new pressures 

The New Zealand Government official information website:     https://covid19.govt.nz/ 

Your country

We hope you are also having the same or similar levels of success in dealing with the virus and its impact on life, work and study.   These are challenging times but Covid management does appear to depend on strong, reasonable and understood focus from leadership that the populatiob of the country will respect when they understand the need and rational for a decision. 

Normality as we once followed may never completely return.

  • We may focus more on our bubble of friends
  • We will maintain social distancing
  • How we meet friends and business acquaintances may change for ever

For change to occur we need:

  • A vaccine or
  • a method of treating people afflicted with Covid-19

Until this occurs:

  • Many countries may not re-open their borders
  • The international airlines will continue to stress
  • Tourism needs will need to adapt
  • Countries that once depended on inports may need to focus more on incountry manufacture and 
  • International travel for business, education and as a tourist may not return to the levels we were once used to. 

What is UP Education doing to assist education providers offshore?

UP Education has recognised that many education providers do not have the access to resources that we may have in New Zealand.  

We have developed a programme of study, which a select number of providers are using to establish an International Programme within their institution which focuses on New Zealand.  

The reasons why education providers are involved are quite varied

  • For some the students are using the programme as an extension programme to better prepare their students for life at a higher level. 
  • For others to focus their students to explore other opportunities and how a study option is achievable in New Zealand
  • For others to retain their students interest in providing them with another level of meaningful learning
  • For others to meet their students needs at a time of stress and change
  • or more simply put

To deliver an international focus that distinguishes education providers while enabling students to remain under their parents care and guidance 

We have enlisted the assistance of country based representatives to work with education providers to deliver the programme - at no cost to the education provider.    Our current focus is China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil.  Very soon we will be looking for interest from other countries where we can play an assistance role. 

Why focus on New Zealand?

  • We are a safe destination generally isolated from the worlds problems
  • World-class education – our universities are in the top 3% in the world and are all government owned
  • Qualifications recognised worldwide and respected.   
  • New Zealand education opens doors
  • Peace and Prosperity  (Second most peaceful country)
  • New Zealand is politically stable
  • New Zealand has the lowest rates of corruption
  • Unbeatable world class lifestyle – improved work life balance university as the focus – enjoy a new adventure each day
  • New way of learning – learn to ask questions and think critically – practical hands on learning
  • A warm welcome – a multi-cultural society – respectful of other cultures
  • Work while you study with excellent post study work options 

We hope you con tinue to be safe and well as the world moves through these challenging times.  If you would like information on areas not covered in this Newsletter please do not hesitate to to ask for this. 

Kia Kaha. 


Who is UP Education?

We are group of schools and colleges - originally just in New Zealand and today also in Australia. 

UP International College delivers the three university foundation programmes in New Zealand     https://partnerships.up.education/

  • The University of Auckland Certificate in Foundation Studies
  • AUT University Certificate in Foundation Studies
  • Victoria University of Wellington Foundation Studies Programme 

The Campbell Institute                                         http://www.campbell.ac.nz/

An English School located in Auckland and Wellington 

New Zealand School of Tourism                                 https://nzschooloftourism.co.nz/

Which includes:

Cut Above Academy

Elite School of Beauty & Spa  

Face and Beauty 

NZMA                                                                      https://www.nzma.ac.nz/

Which includes:

Academy NZ

New Zealand Career College

North Shore International Academy

The Culinary Collective 

Yoobee Colleges                                                       https://www.yoobee.ac.nz/

Which now includes:

Animation College

South Seas School of Film and Television 

We have also operate in Australia with pathway and diploma programmes delivered for

  • The University of Tasmania
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Swinburne University of Technology 

Contact details:

Student Support Contact email                                  studentsupport@up.education 

New Student Contact email                                       international.enquiries@up.education




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3 Ноября 2021, 20:41 | # 95673
Мировые новости

COP26 и Гондурас

Великобритания проводит 26-ю Конференцию сторон ООН по изменению климата (COP26) в Шотландском кампусе (SEC) в Глазго с 31 октября по 12 ноября 2021 года.

Принц Чарльз на COP26

Посол Великобритании в Гондурасе Ник Уиттингем поздравил гондурасскую делегацию, участвовавшую в COP26, и призвал их добиться успешного результата.

Посол Уиттингем сказал:

Самая важная конференция в нашей жизни проходит в Великобритании. Это конференция, которая, вероятно, определит, какой мир мы передадим будущим поколениям.

Успех обеспечит процветание нашим детям и внукам. Неудача может обернуться катастрофой для жизни, какой мы ее знаем. Конференция Организации Объединенных Наций по климату, сокращенно известная как COP-26, представляет собой одну из последних возможностей, которая предоставит странам возможность собраться вместе и решить величайшую проблему человечества - проблему его выживания.

Шесть лет назад мир стал свидетелем рождения Парижского соглашения, которое стало важной вехой в глобальных усилиях по борьбе с изменением климата. Результатом стало обязывающее соглашение, объединяющее все народы для общего дела.

Но это было только начало. И вчера мир начал собираться в великом городе Глазго для проведения COP26, следующего и очень важного шага на пути предотвращения необратимых и катастрофических изменений климата.

Экстремальную погоду можно увидеть по всему миру. Этим летом мы видели разрушительные наводнения в Центральной Европе и Китае, бушующие лесные пожары в Северной Америке. Год назад Гондурас пострадал от двух сильных ураганов, нанесших значительный экономический и человеческий ущерб.

Гондурас, как уязвимая страна, имеет очень важный голос, и его пример может побудить других предпринять важные шаги. Многие уязвимые к климату страны лидируют в сокращении выбросов.

Я поздравляю Гондурас с представлением в начале этого года обновленного NDC. До 2030 года Гондурас привержен осуществлению действий по адаптации и смягчению последствий изменения климата. Страна будет стремиться сократить выбросы парниковых газов на 16%, восстановить 1,3 миллиона гектаров лесов и сократить потребление дров на 39%.

Поэтому я поздравляю гондурасскую делегацию во главе с президентом Хуаном Орландо Эрнандесом, которая находится в Глазго, чтобы объединить усилия по всем этим вопросам. Гондурас продемонстрировал важное лидерство в борьбе с изменением климата, и я призываю страну конструктивно работать с партнерами для достижения успеха COP26.

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