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About UET Italy:

We deliver High Quality Education and Training that responds to the Needs of Employers and Individuals.
Passionate, Inclusive, Innovative and Optimistic.

UET work with our partners in Italy and worlwide to create internship opportunities for our undergraduate and postgraduate students. Capstone projects extend the opportunity for students to work with the internship employers on projects that matter to their business and the student. It builds on the knwoledge and skills acquired throughout the coursework and pratctical experience gained through the internship. Examples of capstone projects include: international product launches, office openings in multinational locations, global surveys of potential customers, improvement of complex hospitality processes and even strating a new corporate or entrepreneurial venture.

With UET postgraduate programmes, you can start your application process during whole year thanks to a state-of-the-art virtual learning platform that allows students to access any missing classes if they were not present at the official intake dates. That gives you opportunity to start your studies at the time that is the best for you and takes away the pressure of losing a whole year when you´ll fail to apply in time.

Next intake for

  • Higher Diploma Polyvalent Expert in Tourism– 26 Jan 2017.
  • MBA Global Hospitality and Tourism Management– 28 of March 2017
  • Professional Master in Hospitality and Tourism Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation – 28 of March 2017

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Courses offered:

  1. Higher Diploma (HDip) Polyvalent Expert in Tourism
    Tuition fees: 9,000 £ for full period of studying (24-30 moths)
    This program appeals to high school graduates. On completion of this degree, the programme will provide students with an advanced qualification that supports their development in entry and supervisory roles within the international tourism and hospitality industry, with a lifelong-learning orientation.
  2. Professional Master in Hospitality & Tourism Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
    Tuition fee £7,950 for 12 months
    The World’s Unique programme for individuals who are wishing to start their own venture with a hospitality and tourism brandor start their own upon graduation. During this programme the students will develop their business plan closely with their mentor and the brand, receive training from the franchisor or licensor if applicable and start their venture.
  3. MBA (Master of Business Administration) inGlobal Hospitality & Tourism Management
    Tuition fees: £6,950 for 12-18 months of studying
    The curriculum has been developed by top international, experienced and expertise from academia and the industry. The Master of Business Administration or MBA in Global Hospitality and Tourism Management program includes lectures, seminars and tutorials covering various business functions e.g. marketing, finance and organizational behavior. It contains two important practical elements: internship and capstone project. For the 16-month pathway, the students get a 6-month unpaid internship. They also undertake their capstone project over a period of 6-month which allows them to engage in paid work up to 20 hours a week.

International Students may be afforded the opportunity to obtain scholarships up to 25% reduction on tuition fees on merit on a case-by-case basis based on academic performance and relevant industrial experience.

If you are interested to represent UET Italy or have any queries please write an email to:

Olga Kondrateva
International Officer-UET Italy
Email: olga@uet.international
Website: www.uet.international
Skype: olga.uniagents
Switchboard Number: +44(0) 208-1506236 (Overseas International Marketing Office)
Mob: +91 84472 01259 | WhatsApp: +79312403418

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