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Dear Consultant,

UniAgents provides you now with an option to represent “Football Abroad” in Spain, an
opportunity for the young people around the world to enjoy a unique training plan, studying
and playing football in the world’s football capital: Spain

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We have both long term and short term programs:

  • 1. Long term course: The students will live along young players in first level football
    clubs’ specialized residences (the future stars of La Liga). They will enjoy a year of football at
    the highest level in a safe and healthy environment, resulting in an experience that will last
    a lifetime.
    But the training is not only in sports, because we also implement a highly demanding
    education program that includes an academic year in a private school as well as the study of
    two languages (Spanish and English). All of these supervised by a tutor who will serve and
    improve at all times the need that may arise, keeping a close bilateral relationship between
    the parties involved in this training program. And always with a clear premise: To Football
    Abroad education is more important than football.
  • 2. Short term course: Summer and Winter programs for groups of 25+ in Spain, with
    associated partnerships as relevant as Real Madrid, Spanish Football Federation, etc.
    We would set up everything needed for the group to feel at home while in Spain, from
    setting the training program to providing transportation, tours, medical insurance, etc.

    We are looking for active agents/agencies who want to promote our programs in their
    countries, and enjoy a good business opportunity along us. We long to create long term
    partnerships with agents/agencies from all over the world. We offer commission deals to all

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If you wish to contact the International Officer at Football Abroad, please contact:

David Abellán – Director email:
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