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25 Октября 2016, 15:32 | # 69182

Dear  Partner WikiVisa.Ru,

Our 2017 brochures for Adults, Families and Young Learners  are now published.

You can see them by clicking on the link below:

NEW FOR 2017

  • New fee structure and lower prices
    • New simpler timetables
    • Lower minimum age of 6 for the Family Programme
    • Teenager Programmes in London and Dublin from 12-17 years
    • Lower priced option for Academic Year
    • One-to-One Programmes -  20 and 30 sessions / week at lower hourly prices
    • No increase in prices for Homestay & Airport Transfers

• English for Professionals - Club 8 Programme, 20 or 28 sessions / week, 5 - 8 students
• Residences - in addition to high quality, self-catering studios at Pure Hammersmith and Mansion Chelsea, new self-catering en-suite single rooms at the popular Curve in East Aldgate
• Apartments – as well as Citadines and Chelsea Cloisters we offer Go Native Fulham (2 bedrooms for 2-4 people) at Putney Bridge and near Fulham Palace Gardens and the Thames, suitable for families

• Work & Study Visa Programmes - longer term study programmes (25 weeks, 20 sessions / week in the morning or afternoon) with work possibilities in Dublin (18+years). Free Learner protection Insurance and TIE Exam
• High School Programme - Secondary school programme for ages 12-18 with accommodation in local homestays and welfare support provided by Frances King

We welcome applications from new partners. Please complete the questionnaire and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

You can download the questionnaire here:

We wish everyone a successful 2017!  

Garth Younghusband

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