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г. Москва

13 Декабря 2016, 15:58 | # 71102

Hi Elena,  

How are you? How is everything in Moscow? Just a quick email to check you received our 2017 pricelist and the promotion we have for Russia next year? 

We had less than 3% Russian speakers in 2016 which should be a great selling point for your clients and... 

Students receive a 20% discount on Adult Courses 

For example:  

4 weeks General English 20 lessons per week = €235 x 4 = €940 - 20% = €752

25 weeks General English  20 lessons per week = €180 x 25 = €4500 - 20% = €3600

(All course duration's are included in the promotion)  

This 20% should help you attract more students to a very high quality family run business.  

Here are a few links to give you an idea about the school:   

www.alphaurl.co/2017 - Marketing Materials Folders  

http://bit.ly/2b88v9V - Extra Photos  

https://alphacollege.com/alpha-blog/english-tutorials/ - Alpha Teachers in action  

This gives you a good idea of the school but Elena, if you have any questions I would love to chat to you by email or by Skype.   

Would you like us to send you some brochures?   

Kindest regards,  



Simon Turner

Marketing Manager  


Skype: simon.alphacollege


Tel: +353 1 8747024  

Alpha College

4 North Great Georges Street

Dublin 1


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