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20 Декабря 2019, 18:57 | # 85717

Dear Friends WikiVisa-VikiTravel.Ru, 

I am Ian Josephs, founder and Chief Executive of Home Language International and I am writing to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

As you may know I invented the idea of learning a language in the teacher's home. Since then many others have decided that this formula works so well that they now offer the same services as us. Why therefore should you come to Home Language International? 

Just because we are the oldest does not mean that we are the best. The answer is that no matter how difficult your client and no matter how many requirements they have choosing the location, the type of family, the country, and all sorts of other things we are the only people who can nearly always satisfy the every requirement of prospective students. 

No requirements however complicated are too much for us to deal with because we have so many teachers in so many different countries that we can nearly always satisfy your customers at the first time of asking.

 AHA you may say! you have so many countries and so many different offers we cannot put them all or even some of them in our brochures, have you not something simpler to offer us? the answer Yes we have!  

Here is the link to our full 64 pages brochure with all our services and attached is a simplified price list of only 1 page two sided which gives all the basic offers in teaching the English language in a quick summarised and easy to understand version.

2020 French pricelist

2020 English pricelist

Enough said, I don't want to bore you. 

I just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Ian Josephs and all the HLI team https://www.hli.co.uk/

© Home Language International | 2019 All Rights Reserved | www.hli.co.uk



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3 Июля 2021, 16:08 | # 91871

 Price change for PCR test on departure for junior students - Updates on travel and testing regulations for adults and juniors

 Dear Partner,
With the summer season fully underway for both our adult and junior students we are looking forward to receiving your clients! In order to receive your clients in the best conditions possible we are monitoring the ever-changing travel and screening test updates and would like to share with you the newest information we have.



Entry into France (Adults & Juniors)
All travellers over the age of 11 within the Schengen area are required to present a negative PCR or Antigenic test result within 72 hours before departure *please verify country specific rules. This applies to air, sea, rail or land means of arrival.
We urge all clients to seek information on the website of the French Ministry of the Interior and from their airline regarding country specific rules and conditions for travel.

Entry into our schools (Adults & Juniors)

We will verify your PCR or Antigenic test on the moment of arrival so please ask your clients to have this readily available. If your client has been fully vaccinated, they will need to bring the appropriate paperwork to confirm this.

Departure from France

  • We will provide adult clients with detailed information as to how they may get a PCR or Antigenic test before their departure from France. 


  • IMPORTANT CHANGES REGARDING PRICING OF PCR TEST ON DEPARTURE FROM FRANCE Following the announcement on the 1st July 2021 the PCR test in France is no longer free for foreign nationals. Therefor please find the updated COVID-19 testing authorization form that must be filled out and returned to our reservation team prior to the arrival of the junior student. The total fee of the test including the visit of the nurse who will take a sample on campus will be 64.73€. 
  • If you have already submitted the form there is no need to re-submit it, but please be aware that there is an additional fee of 49€ for a total of 64.73€ to be collected on-site on the day of arrival. 
  • The form is a signed consent from the parents which will allow the Centre International Antibes to organize the required PCR test on the day of their child’s departure. 
  • If certain destination countries require a PCR test less than 72 hours before departure, we will take this into account. If our partners are aware of any changes, please let us know. We try to stay as up to date regarding these rules as possible.

In the rare event that your client does not require a PCR test to return home please let us know as soon as possible.






As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact booking2@cia-france.com

Kind regards,


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