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8 Апреля 2016, 15:28 | # 66263
Уважаемые коллеги ВикиВиза.РФ, Число студентов из России и Европы в Австралию продолжает расти. О преимуществах австралийского образования можно узнать больше в статье «Surge in Europeans studying in Australia». Подписка на рассылку: Study in Australia. Students choose Australia for many reasons, including:
  • World class universities: Australia has eight of the top 100 universities in the world and 14 institutions in the top 100 under 50 years old
  • Flexible work rights: Student visa holders can work for up to 40 hours per fortnight (2 weeks).
  • Excellence across all fields: Australian universities feature in the top 50 ranked universities in the world in Engineering & Technology, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Clinical, Pre-clinical & Health, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.
  • Best student cities: Australia has six of the best student cities in the world based on affordability, student mix, quality of life, employer activity and quality of institutions. Melbourne ranked number 2 globally, with Sydney in fourth place, followed by Canberra (21), Brisbane (23), Adelaide (29), Perth (3 .
  • Enviable lifestyle: Of the top 10 most liveable cities in the world, four are Australian.
  • Recognised quality education: Australia's higher education structure is one of the 10 best in the world.
  • Diversity: More 22,000 courses on offer in 1100 Australian institutions.
  • Vibrancy: Australia is a young, dynamic nation.
To find out more about all the study opportunities available in Australia, please visit www.studyinaustralia.gov.au.Rising number of students from Europe and Russia choosing to study in Australia More than 50,000 students from all over Europe (including Russia) chose to study in Australia in 2014 across all four education sectors: higher education, vocational education (VET), English language and secondary school. This figure represents an increase of 12 per cent on the previous year. Australia is the third most popular English-speaking destination globally, with almost 600,000 international enrolments annually.World-renowned roboticist Peter Corke, from the Queensland University of Technology Science and Engineering Faculty, has developed the first massive open online courses (MOOCs) on robotics designed for undergraduate students. The first course, Introduction to Robotics, runs for six weeks from this month, while the seven-week Robotic Vision MOOC commences on April 12. More than 1000 people have already signed up for QUT's first-ever MOOCs. The courses are free and open to an unlimited number of students worldwide. Other robotics MOOCs currently available globally focus on post-graduate students. The QUT MOOCs will allow participants to build their own robot initially, followed by a vision system. They will also offer students a certificate of completion. Professor Corke, who heads up the ARC Centre of Excellence in Robotic Vision at QUT, is planning to run advanced versions of the courses in 2016. YouTube lectures by Professor Corke have already recorded more than 90,000 views, with one lecture watched 34,000 times.Solar scientists at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have set a world first for converting sunlight into electricity. The team from the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics (ACAP) converted more than 40% of the sunlight hitting a solar cell into electricity, the highest efficiency ever reported. The ACAP team is also responsible for creating the first photovoltaic system to convert sunlight to electricity with more than 20% efficiency in 1989. "We used commercial solar cells, but in a new way, so these efficiency improvements are readily accessible to the solar industry," said Dr Mark Keevers, the UNSW solar scientist who managed the project. "The new results are based on the use of focused sunlight, and are particularly relevant to photovoltaic (PV) power towers being developed in Australia," said Professor Martin Green, UNSW Scientia Professor and Director of the ACAP. Australian company RayGen, which provided design and technical support for the high efficiency prototype, is keen to develop large-scale solar towers using arrays of mirrors to focus sunlight on photovoltaic cells. Read more about the project on the UNSW website.


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Golden opportunity to Live , Study & work in USA...

Dear Business Friend.
Future Expert Institute & Associates (FEIA) have amazing offers for you....
We are British Council Certified & Trained Consultant. Have superb knowledge in the field of Consultancy throughout the globe.
We are officially representative of Public/State Universities & Colleges in USA

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Get Admission for coming · With / Without IELTS/TOEFL
· Pay Tuition Fee after getting Visa
· No Age Limit
· Apply visa (i-20) Admission just 250 $

Documents requied for Admission
· Academic Eligibility: Intermedate (12 pass)
· Academic Documents,
· ID, Passport, photo, CV
· 2 Reference Letters & Statement of Purpose
· Experience Letter (any)
· IELTS or English Proficiency Certificate
· Bank Statement/Bank Letter of equivalent to $30K
· Affidavit of Financially Support

Bachelor & Master programs
· Business Administration
· Accounting & Finance
· Entrepreneurship
· Hospitality and Tourism Management
· Education
· Criminal Justice & Law
· Information Technology
· Engineering
· Architecture
· Music & Dance
· Women & Gender Studies
· Sports Coashing Edcuation
· Agriculture
· Madical & Nursing
Many other Course
Undergraduates & post Graduate:
$7126 per semestre
One Semester fee After visa

Agent Commission
$800 to $1000 per student

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I am looking for your positive, kind and early response.
If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact us.
Warms Regards,
Miss Alishba Khan
International Marketing Manager

Foreign educational, Immigration Advisors & English Language instituteBritish Council Certified & Trained Consultants
Officially Representative of international colleges & universities

Cell: +601126716271 (Viber/Whatsaap)
Cell: +923004601491 Viber/Whatsaap
Cell: +923004601493 Viber/Whatsaap
Email: [email protected]
Skype: fea_pk
Web: www.futureexpert.co.uk


The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (U.S.) or America, is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and a federal district. The 48 contiguous states and Washington, D.C., are in central North America between Canada and Mexico.

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Jalan PJB 8/5 Sunway 40150 PETALING JAYA
Tel: +60356225701
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Pakistan Office
58- 2nd Floor, Al-Rehman Trade Center University Road Sargodha, 40100, Pakistan
Ph: +92-48-3768456
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London UK
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
H/P: +1442228760
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Branch Office Australia
New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Email:[email protected]
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1 Мая 2016, 19:51 | # 57261
Вид на жительство в Англию. Вид на жительства в Шотландию. Вид на жительства в Уэльс и Северную Ирландию.

Оформить вид на жительство в Великобритании можно только по ограниченным британским категориям виз; рабочие визы, учебные визы, визы жены или мужа, виза инвестора, виза предпринимателя и иные визы в UK).
Биометрический вид на жительства (UK BRP карта) дает право проживать в UK круглый год, а также работать и учиться в Великобритании.

Как можно получить Вид На Жительства в Соединенное Королевство?

Биометрическую карту Biometric Residence Permit (BRP карта вид на жительства в UK) получают в британском почтовом отделенииRoyal Mail (Post Office) по месту жительства в Великобритании (адрес который Вы указали в онлайн анкете на визу).
Работодатель в Великобритании может получить Вашу карту ВНЖ (UK BRP) и выдать ее Вам на рабочем месте, а также британское учебное заведение может получить для Вас карту ВНЖ (UK BRP).
Но, в большинстве случаев, заявитель на ВНЖ в Великобританию самостоятельно получает карту BRP в почтовом отделении Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Ирландии.

Карту BRP выдают только при наличии визы Tier4, Tier 2, Settelment Visa, Dependant Visa, Investor Visa, Entrepreneur visa и иные категории иммиграционных виз в Великобританию.

Информация по категориям виз в Великобританию - Кто может получить Вид На Жительство в Великобританию?


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3 Мая 2016, 22:05 | # 57262
Новости Посольства Великобритании 2016

С апреля 2016 года можно подать онлайн документы на визу и заполнить онлайн анкету на британскую визу на официальном правительственном сайте иммиграционной службы Соединенного Королевства.


Подать онлайн анкету и документы для визы в UK можно по следующим категориям;
Туристическая виза
Семейная виза / Гостевая виза

Бизнес виза / Деловая виза
Медицинская виза
Виза спортсмена
Виза артиста
Виза невесты / жениха (для заключения брака на территории Великобритании)

Виза ребенка / Виза для несовершеннолетних детей
Рабочие визы (ограниченные категории)

И иные стандартные визы в Великобританию, смотрите визовую информацию ниже.


We are currently updating our online visa application service. You can apply using the new service if you are applying for a:
- Standard Visitor Visa
- Marriage Visitor Visa
- 1 month Permitted Paid Engagements visa
Currently this service is only available to people applying in China, India, Russia, Belarus and Turkey. Applicants in these countries can apply here https://www.gov.uk/

The Standard Visitor visa has replaced the:
  • Family Visitor visa
  • General Visitor visa
  • Child Visitor visa
  • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists
  • Sports Visitor visa
  • Entertainer Visitor visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa
  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa
If you visit the UK on business
You can apply for a Standard Visitor visa if you want to visit the UK for business-related activities, eg:
  • you’re coming to the UK for a conference, meeting or training
  • you want to take part in a specific sports-related event
  • you’re an artist, entertainer or musician and coming to the UK to perform
  • you’re an academic and are doing research or accompanying students on a study abroad programme
  • you’re a doctor or dentist and are coming to the UK to take a clinical attachment or observer post
  • you want to take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test or sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • you want to get funding to start, take over, join or run a business in the UK
Check the the Visitor Rules to find the full list of business-related activities you can do with a Standard Visitor visa.
Документы и анкеты на визу в Англию и Шотландию на русском языке

Администраторы информационного портала, Специалист

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25 Мая 2016, 10:27 | # 57263
Dear WikiVisa.Ru,

ATC Language Schools - September Exam Courses

Exam Preparation Courses
All 3 ATC adult schools are exam preparation centres for Cambridge FCE, CAE and IELTS.
Winchester School of English is an authorised Cambridge exam centre.
ATC in Bray and Dublin are authorised TOEIC exam centres.
Please see below for dates and contact Louise for more details - [email protected]

Cambridge FCE Courses -
ATC Bray - 19th September - 12 weeks
ATC Dublin - 19th September - 12 weeks
Winchester School of English -
14th November - 4 weeks

Cambridge CAE Courses -
ATC Bray - 12th September - 12 weeks
ATC Dublin - 12th September - 12 weeks
Winchester School of English -
14th November - 4 weeks

IELTS Preparation Exams -
ATC Bray - 15th August, 26th September and 7th November - 6 week courses
ATC Dublin - 15th August, 26th September and 7th November - 6 week courses
Winchester School of English - 4th July, 26th September and 14th November - 4 week courses

Afternoon General English - Dublin
ATC in Dublin is offering an afternoon General English course of 15 hours per week. This is ideal for students working in the morning or if they simply don't like waking up too early!
For more information Click Here or contact Louise on [email protected]

ATC Language Schools

Our mailing address is:
ATC Language Schools
Dunluice House
Strand Road
Bray, Co Wicklow


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6 Июля 2016, 9:50 | # 57264
Уважаемые коллеги WikiVisa.Ru,

Приглашаем вас на вебинар: «Учеба в Австралии и упрощенная система выдачи студенческих виз с 1 июля 2016».
  • The Simplified Student Visa Framework - Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  • Navitas case study: Implication of new student visa framework to programs - Navitas
  • Australian education trends - Austrade
Дата: 12 июля 2016 (вторник)
Время: 10.00-11.30
Дополнительная информация о регистрации на сайте http://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/news/1-2016

До встречи

Natalia Konovalova | Business Development Manager, Russia & CIS

Наталья Коновалова | Менеджер по развитию бизнеса в России и СНГ

International Operations
Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)
Австралийская комиссия по торговле и инвестициям (Аустрейд)

10A/2 Podkolokolny pereulok, Moscow, Russian Federation
Подколокольный пер. 10А/2, Москва, Российская Федерация


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2 Сентября 2016, 14:50 | # 67205

Dear Igor Ozerin,

UniAgents is pleased to offer the opportunity to represent "Stanley College" in Australia.

About Stanley College

Stanley College delivers nationally accredited and recognised Certificate and Diploma courses in General English, Business, Leadership and Management, Hospitality, Health, Child Care, Security andProfessional Year Accounting. Stanley College is one of the largest private colleges in Perth, Western Australia, having more than 1,500 International and Australian Students from 42 countries.

Stanley College is a quality Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which has two campuses conveniently located in Perth City and a third campus in the Northern metropolitan area.

Click here if you wish to Represent Stanley College as an Agent
Click here if you wish to send an Enquiry

Faculties and Courses Available:

  • General English / Elicos Courses
  • Business Courses
  • Leadership & Management Courses
  • Hospitality Courses
  • Food And Beverage Pathway
  • Health Courses
  • Child Care Courses
  • Security Courses
  • Professional Year Program – Accounting (SMIPA)

For Complete List of Courses, Click here

Accommodation and Homestay:
Stanley College provides international students with appropriate accommodation options. We will ensure that international students have a safe, enjoyable and worthwhile learning experience while living with either a homestay family or at a share accommodation. Students will be provided with a fully furnished bedroom with the use of household utilities.

If you are interested to represent Stanley College or have any queries, please write an email to:
Camila Cuellar
Marketing Officer
Stanley International College Pty Ltd
T: +61 8 9227 1797
E: [email protected]
W: www.stanleycollege.edu.au

Embark on a journey with us to DISCOVER, LEARN AND ENJOY!


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5 Декабря 2021, 17:07 | # 97198

Министерство обороны по авторскому праву и мерчендайзингу: информация и документы

Информация об авторских правах MOD, как получить лицензионное разрешение, использование названий MOD, логотипов и знаков различия на предметах, предлагаемых для продажи (товарах).



Информация о лицензировании авторских прав MOD и руководство по использованию наших имен, логотипов и знаков различия на выставленных на продажу товарах.

Схема информационной справедливой торговли ( IFTS ): документ об обязательствах был удален, поскольку IFTS больше не действует. Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, обратитесь к разделу «Прекращение действия схемы трейдеров на информационной ярмарке» .

Обратите внимание, что в Программе мерчандайзинга Министерства обороны в настоящее время происходят изменения, и из-за продолжающейся неопределенности в отношении COVID-19 могут возникнуть непредвиденные задержки с обработкой запросов или заявок.

Если вы хотите подать заявку на участие в программе, зарегистрируйтесь на портале Defense Brand Portal, где можно найти обновленную информацию о статусе программы мерчандайзинга. Если вам потребуется дополнительная информация, свяжитесь с группой защиты прав интеллектуальной собственности по адресу [email protected] или с командой Управления по связям с общественностью по адресу [email protected] .

Опубликовано 13 сентября 2013 г.
Последнее обновление 1 декабря 2021 г. 
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