Названия британских виз с 2021 года - Global Talent, Skilled Worker, Parent of a Child Student, T2 Sportsperson

| 10 Апреля 2021, 15:36

Guidance New and previous visa names

Published 7 April 2021
Новые название виз в Великобританию с 2021 года

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14 Апреля 2021, 11:28 | # 90904

Upcoming Webinars and News
Dear Partners WikiVisa 

I am sending you the presentation devoting to Immigration Rules Changes which was held by Abbey DLD experienced visa manager. You can download the presentation here 

A quick reminder that we have a few upcoming webinars: 

Abbey College Cambridge Extra-Curricular Activities Overview

Wednesday 14th April @ 10am BST

Registration Link (also in image). 

University Preparation at DLD College London

Thursday 15th April @ 9am BST

Registration link (also in image). 

How to get into UK Medical Schools: Tips and Guidance

Thursday 22nd April @ 10am BST

Registration link (also in image). 

Please do encourage your contacts to participate - they are all suitable for prospective students, parents and agents! 

I also would like to remind you about Alpha Scholarship for our DLD London College. Up to 50% scholarship from tuition is available for talented students for A-level programs. The great news is that the scholarship does apply for the 2 years of A Level study! More information on the Alpha Scholars Programme: https://www.dldcollege.co.uk/courses/college-courses/alpha-scholars-programme/#:~:text=The%20Alpha%20Scholars%20programme%20offers,academic%20brilliance%20and%20leadership%20qualities.


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