Министр внутренних дел сегодня объявил о новых мерах на границе Великобритании, направленных на защиту от второй волны коронавируса

| 23 Мая 2020, 15:17

Министр внутренних дел сегодня объявил о новых мерах на границе Великобритании, направленных на защиту от второй волны коронавирусных инфекций.

They include 14 days’ self-isolation for anyone entering the UK, bar a short list of exemptions.

As the transmission rate in the UK falls, and the number of travellers arriving in the UK begins to increase in the coming months, imported cases may pose a larger threat as they could become a higher proportion of the overall number of infections in the UK and increase the spread of the disease.

We need to take action to manage the risk of transmission from this group.

The measures outlined by the Home Secretary include:

Contact locator form

All arriving passengers will be required to fill this in to provide contact and travel information so they can be contacted if they, or someone they may have been in contact with develops the disease.

Self isolation

Passengers arriving in the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days and could be contacted regularly throughout this period to ensure compliance.


Anyone failing to comply with the mandatory conditions may face enforcement action. A breach of self-isolation would be punishable with a £1,000 fixed penalty notice in England or potential prosecution and unlimited fine. The level of fine could increase if the risk of infection from abroad increases. The Devolved Administrations will set out their own enforcement approaches.

Spot checks

Border Force will undertake checks at the border and may refuse entry to any non-British citizen who refuses to comply with these regulations and isn’t resident in the UK. Failure to complete the form is also punishable by a £100 fixed penalty notice. Public health authorities will conduct random checks in England to ensure compliance with self-isolation requirements. Removal from the country would be considered as a last resort for foreign nationals who refuse to comply with these public health measures.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

As the world begins to emerge from what we hope is the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, we must look to the future and protect the British public by reducing the risk of cases crossing our border.

We are introducing these new measures now to keep the transmission rate down and prevent a devastating second wave.

I fully expect the majority of people will do the right thing and abide by these measures. But we will take enforcement action against the minority of people who endanger the safety of others.

Professor John Aston, Home Office Chief Scientific Adviser said:

The scientific advice so far has been clear: while there has been significant community transmission of the virus within the UK the impact of putting in place additional border restrictions would have been negligible to the spread of the virus.

However, the spread of the virus within the UK is now lessening. We have been successful in getting the reproduction number R – the average number of new people infected by one infected person – below 1.

As the number of infections within the UK drops, we must now manage the risk of transmissions being reintroduced from elsewhere.

The arrangements are due to come into effect on 8 June.

Information will be available to incoming travellers, including on the government’s social distancing guidelines, through messaging and announcements in-flight and leaflets and posters on arrival. Materials will be available in English and 9 other languages.

The new regime will be in place across the United Kingdom, although enforcement measures will be set individually by the Devolved Administrations.

Through the new online locator contact form all arriving passengers will need to provide details of their self-isolation accommodation. If this does not meet the necessary requirements - such as hotels, or with friends or family - they will be required to self-isolate in facilities arranged by the government.

People should use personal transport, such as a car, to travel to their accommodation where possible. Once they arrive there, they should not leave their accommodation for 14 days.

This means that they should not go to work, school, or public areas, or use public transport or taxis. They should not have visitors, including friends and family, unless they are providing essential support.

They should not go out to buy food or other essentials where they can rely on others.

Those entering the UK will also be encouraged to download the NHS Covid-19 app at the border and use it for the duration of their stay in the UK.

Once self-isolation is complete people should follow the current government guidelines on social distancing measures.

There will be limited exemptions and a full list will be published on gov.uk. They include:

  • road haulage and freight workers, to ensure the supply of goods is not impacted
  • medical professionals who are travelling to help with the fight against coronavirus
  • anyone moving from within the Common Travel Area, covering Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
  • Seasonal Agricultural Workers who will self-isolate on the property where they are working

The Home Office has been working closely with industry partners ahead of announcing these changes. They will be subject to review every three weeks, to ensure they are in line with the latest scientific evidence and remain effective and necessary.

The government will continue to look at further options as we move forward and these will include air bridges - agreements between countries who both have low transmission rates to recognise each other’s departure screening measures for passengers and removing the need for quarantine measures for incoming passengers.

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World Sports Camp is BACK
Hello from World Sports Camp! I hope you are well and your family is healthy and safe!

A lot has happened since we made the difficult decision to close camp for the summer of 2020. Although it was tough, not seeing all the amazing people that we know and love, we believe that we made the correct decision.  The health and safety of our athletes and staff will always be the core of our decision making process.

I want to be very clear, since WSC has been able to withstand this pandemic, from a business perspective and had the ability to refund 100% of tuition to those who have opted for this option.  We are in a much more favorable position then most overnight summer camps.  There are many factors because of this:

  1. For many years, we have been very careful with our money.  i.e. our overhead is intentionally low, primarily because we do not own a facility and we stick to a strict budget annually.  We have chosen to rent a school with incredible facilities, not be forced to pay a mortgage.
  1. We never have taken out a loan; therefore, do not need to pay any bank or person back.
  2. Most overnight summer camps, simply forwarded all of their clients tuition to the summer of 2021, as they need the capital to stay in business. (mortgage, rent, salaries, etc…)  The problem with this is that when the summer of 2021 arrives, the money they retained will be spent and the quality of the program will suffer.  In essence, they will have the same number of children, if not more, with little to no money to operate.  Essentially, they are using 1 year of pay to cover costs for 2 summers… This does not seem like an ideal situation by anyone’s account.
  3. Many overnight summer camps in the United States are expected to close as a result of the pandemic.  They simply could not stay afloat. This means fewer camps for approximately the same number of children attending… i.e. higher demand.

All that being said, WORLD SPORTS CAMP will be stronger than ever! We are doing everything in our power to make this summer the best in our camps history.  Our athletes need and deserve it! 

THANK YOU again for all of your support.  We look forward to reconnecting over the next few months and starting the magical process of preparing for the summer of 2021!

FYI – Registration for WSC 2021 is now OPEN! I would love to connect with you to learn your thoughts about summer 2021.

All the best and please stay safe.
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Новости при бронировании для визовых стран в UK
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1.Чтобы получить визовое письмо студент вносит депозит 200 фунтов стерлингов ( не подлежат возврату, поскольку этот сбор за возврат применяется в случае отказа в визе)

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