Прилагаю расписание занятий и брошюру по Winter Business School и Executive Education программам в целом. Winter Business School ( London)

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Уважаемые партнеры Викитревел и Викивиза! 

Направляю Вам информацию по Зимней Бизнес Школе (Winter Business School) от  подразделения Executive Education London School of Business and Finance для студентов Вузов в Лондоне.

Прилагаю расписание занятий и брошюру по Winter Business School и Executive Education программам в целом.

Winter Business School ( London)

Who is it for?

Winter Business School offers undergraduate students (min. 18 y.o.) and new graduates the opportunity to acquire key skills and expertise in management, finance and marketing in just three weeks.

Duration: 1-3 weeks from 6th to 24th of January 2020

Location: Central London

Price: Full programme : £1950 per person  · Two courses: £1600 per person  · One course: £850 per person

Course structure:

Global Marketing Practices

January 13, 14 , 15 and 16

17-th of January Career Services workshop

17—th of January Company visit


  • Target markets or segments
  • Brand and product
  • Global pricing and distribution policies
  • Global communications


Corporate Finance in Practice

January : 20, 21, 22, and 23

24-th of January Career Services workshop

24 of January y Company visit


  • The Accounting Equation and the Balance Sheet
  • Management of working capital
  • Budgeting
  • Risk Management and Strategic Business Development


Strategic Management & Leadership

January 6,7 8 and 9

10-th of January Career Services workshop

10—th of January Company visit


  • The implementation of successful strategy through management and leadership
  • Methods used in leader development
  • The role of culture in management development


The integrated curriculum incorporates project-based study, as well as career-oriented trips all set in London.


Entry requirements: English level B2 (English courses with The Language Gallery are available prior the Program)

                                               Undergraduate/Graduate students within a year of graduation

Accommodation: upon request 

Во вложенном файле  также направляю Вам брошюру по Executive Education от нашей бизнес школы с описанием всех курсов и программ. 

Below are some pictures of School`s facilities: 

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