Oxford International Education Group presents INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION DAY

| 12 Сентября 2016, 11:41

Dear WikiVisa.Ru,

September 20, Moscow

Oxford International Education Group presents


Event Details

Please join us with our Key Company Managers for a Professional Development Day.  We will be available for one to one interviews as well as parent/client consultations.   In addition we will be conducting seminars on various industry topics. 

Time and Location

14:30-18:30, Novotel Hotel, Novoslobodskaya 

We would appreciate it you could confirm your participation before September 14, 2016 in the following form: 


Attendees names


Presentations (14:00 – 18:00)



Dinner reception (18:30 – 20:30)



Event Format

The event will take place in a format where you will be able to have a one on one meeting with each product manager as well as take part in a Professional Development Day. We will go beyond program knowledge as our focus will be to help you grow in areas you are working. 

14:00- Welcome 

14:15-18:15, One-to-one meetings and consultations as well as Professional Development Seminars

18:00- Event wrap up; dinner reception and wine tasting held by a professional sommelier 

           Seminar Schedule

14:30- 15:15 British English Olympics- Winning BEO

15:15- 16:00 UK Pathways Prospecting For Gold

16:00-16:45 D’Overbroecks- d’Overbroeck’s 2017- moving forwards

16:45- 17:30 Bucksmore - Leadership Masterclass: An Insight Into Bucksmore’s Advanced Studies Program

17:30-18:15 Oxford Tutorial College - Bridging The Gap Between School And University

18:15-18:30 North American programmes – Wild West 

Meet our team: 

Neil Upton - Recruitment Director, CIS, Europe, Middle East and Africa 

Matt Hird – Global Sales Director 

Peter Grieve – Operations Manager, Bucksmore Education

Andrew Gillespie – Marketing Director, Head of Business and Director of Studies 

Christine Garibian – Regional Sales Manager, Russia and CIS 

Zara Kazbekova – Regional Sales Manager, Russia and CIS 

Jonathan Fisher-Jones - Regional Sales Manager, Russia and CIS  

Best Wishes,

Zara Kazbekova
Regional Sales Manager for Russia and CIS

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