Фото Англии и Шотландии 2017 в хорошем качестве на сайте VisitBritainimages.com

| 14 Декабря 2016, 11:55

Все лучшие фотографии Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Ирландии в хорошем качестве на официальном сайте департамента по туризму Великобритании VisitBritainimages.com

VisitEngland and VisitBritain Images Update - January 2017

VisitEngland and VisitBritain are pleased to announce that in January 2017 VisitEngland Images (VEI) and VisitBritain Images (VBI) will merge and both urls will be directed to VisitBritainimages.com. 
Following its recent restructure, the British Tourist Authority wishes to make assets owned by both organisations, their partners and suppliers available under one roof. From January 2017, VisitBritainimages.com will also represent VisitEngland and partner assets. Merged collections and new benefits include:-

  • Wider selections of England imagery
  • Footage archive and new video content covering UK
  • England destination Galleries
  • New!VisitScotland and VisitWales galleries
  • Advanced search functionality
  • 2 year usage on all VBI assets
  • Updated actions in Lightbox Manager
  • New! Annual membership for Travel Trade and

Media opening up access to VisitBritain's full wholly owned collection
How will this affect your account?
Existing VBI users will continue to use their accounts. Users with VEI accounts will be able to login to VisitBritain Images using existing VEI login account details.

Lightboxes on VisitEngland Images 
If you wish to save current lightboxes please access Lightbox Manager and share these by selecting the lightbox and clicking 'email'. Enter email address vbi@capture.co.uk with subject 'Your Lightbox Name' and these will be added to your VBI account when the migration is made live. Please share any light boxes you wish to save by Friday 23rd December.

Who will I contact for support? 
You can contact the VBI support team who manage both sites vbi@capture.co.uk or +44 (0)845 4632 946
Your VisitBritain contact is Photography Manager Jasmine Teer jasmine.teer@visitbritain.org
The migration is being managed by Capture Ltd and will send out a further notice before any changes are made.
Kind regards, 
The VisitBritain Images Support Team


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