Примерный образец письма о коммерческой деятельности предпринимателя в Англии для продления визы


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Образец письма для визы на английском языке для визы предпринимателя и бизнеса в UK: продление визы в Англии
VikiVisa Ltd, Company number 666777888999

A brief overview of the business of the company  Development ikiVisa 

Company website vikivisa.ru

The company Development VikiVisa operates in 2 main areas: 

Advising on projects related to Russia

Asset management consulting using remote technologies 

The most promising area is the second one, i.e. asset Management using remote digital technologies.

This is especially true in the current conditions of quarantine restrictions and the trend to reduce the number of personal contacts. 

The main focus is on the following points: 

  1. Internal business information management. Implementation of CRMsystems(CRM - Customer Relationship Management), in particular, based on the AMO-CRM software.
  2. Conceptualisation of product promotion in digital format and in-depth development of the architecture and philosophy of representation (positioning) in the Internet
  3. Visualization systems in cyber space. With the use of 3-D-projection, panoramic platform of search services, filming (photos/videos) and overlaying graphics.
  4. On-line technologies for booking, paying, discussing, chatting, informing, etc. 

The company AP Development Сonsultants Ltd focused on an exclusive (individual) approach to customers. We do not plan to conduct more than 1-2 projects at the same time, because during the project development period, we are completely immersed in the area in which we implementing the project (otherwise you cannot enter into details and specifics).

Payments are made both for the system implementation project itself and for its subsequent maintenance (subscription payments). 

One of the implemented projects of the company is presented on the website vikivisa.ru 

The project was developed from scratch-starting from the trademark to practical implementation.

The developed site concept allows visualization of land plots without the need for the buyer to go to the site vikivisa.com. 

In particular, the following methods were used:

  • panoramic shooting with a quadcopter;
  • the boundaries of land plots in coordinates are projected onto the terrain survey, which made it possible to clearly demonstrate their location;
  • the service for selecting land plots both by their location on the ground and by price is provided.
    interactive map of the village with the option to get data on any land plot in one click, including the status (sold, free, reserve), cost structure, size of the sides of the plot;
  • interactive map of the surrounding infrastructure with the location and the ability to filter by type all major objects – schools, shops, government authorities, entertainment, transport;
  • the option of so-called insolation – that is, the ability to view the location of the sun over land plots at any hour and day of the year;
  • preparation and placement of terrain images on Google and Yandex services in the panorama section 

Also, the possibility to receive the draft documents for the purchase of land plots, online booking and payment via the site. implemented in the remote format. 

The concept of remote sales and services of visa authorization, selection, booking and payment of land plots implemented on the site - make it possible to work online, saving office rental fees. 

Yours faithfully, 


Director of Development VikiVisa Ltd

 Примерный образец письма о коммерческой деятельности предпринимателя в Англии для продления визы 


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