Примерный образец письма ILR officer letter - Образец письма для офицеров на получение карты статуса ILR в Англии


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14 Марта 2021, 18:42 | # 90652

ILR officer letter UK for Home Office
Образец письма на английском языке для офицеров на получение карты статуса ILR officer letter
Dear Officer,

I am writing this letter to explain the reason why I am applying for the ILR. I came to the UK as a child to study GCSE’s at the age of 14 in 2010. I did well and received excellent grades and continued to study. I finished my A levels with good grades and based on that I was able to receive a few good offers from different universities. I went to the University of Westminster with my English friends and we finished this university together. We then studied Legal Practice Course for Solicitors together at BPP University in London. My English friends and I have achieved a lot together and now we are all working in the same field and continue with our friendship since school. My whole education was received in the UK, my friends are from the UK, my job opportunities are only in the UK as I studied for the Solicitor and I cannot use this education and skills anywhere else. I have chosen a very specific route, being a solicitor, and moving to some other country would mean my whole life would be severely affected including getting a job and supporting my family. My skills are already put in use in the legal profession. I have worked for many UK law firms and have supported English solicitors on high-profile legal matters. I have a genuine business, where I am earning good money and paying taxes. 

Moreover, I have met my wife in London when I was studying, we fell in love and are married and already have a baby boy. Our son was born in London and is supposed to go to nursery this year which has already accepted him. My family is established here, my child was born here and I have a genuine business in the UK. There are many strong links with the UK and we are expecting another child soon to be born in the UK too. I support the community I live in, I obey the law, I show active support to those in need through pro-bono work. I try to contribute to the society as much as I possibly can, as I believe our children will inherit what we contribute now. 

Many English people including friends told me that England is my country and it is my home. I do not feel like this anywhere in the world and even cannot see myself living outside the United Kingdom when I am retired and old. Therefore, I truly and honestly believe that the UK is my home. I spent all my time from childhood until now in the UK. My mentality, my understanding of life, my vision, my goals and other interpersonal skills are the same as of a British citizen. I love the United Kingdom; I support our people and raise my kid to be a proud British citizen. 

I came to the UK as a small kid and now I am writing to you as a grown man, as a husband, as a father, as an English entrepreneur. 

Dear officer, regardless of your decision on my application, I wish you a lovely and pleasant day. Hope you are well and keeping safe in this difficult time. 


Boris Johnson

Примерный образец письма ILR officer letter - Образец письма на английском языке для офицеров на получение карты статуса ILR в Англии

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