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26 Августа 2020, 11:48 | # 88119

Dear Elena Moksina,

UniAgents will share weekly updates with you about what's happening in the Student recruitment industry. This information will be shared every Tuesday.

Also, each week special updates for our partners will be highlighted for them to benefit more from our services.

Top 3 Industry updates for this week:

  1. Australia to let in foreign students.
  2. US Embassy to process student visas on a limited basis from August 17.
  3. Canada “considering” letting international students return in September.

You can read full details on our news section

Top 3 updates for our partners:

  1. We are now able to offer course search toolbar and course listing on your websites from your CRM account making your websites world class and engage the ability to attract organic traffic.
  2. For Partners, weekly training sessions are starting from September 2020.
  3. Over 50 universities have been added for the UK last week for our Global Partners. You can now process your student applications using your UniAgents account. Write to us if you do not have an access.

Fast turn around time now implemented to your applications, our advisor will be in touch with you shortly with details. 

Warm Regards
Engaged Partner Team
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