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25 Апреля 2017, 19:59 | # 75065

Dear Igor, 

I hope all is well in Russia.   I want to make sure that you know about our ‘Guardianship Only’ programmes that we are offering in the United Kingdom.  These differ from our regular package-style programmes which we are well-known for, as they are available for your students who have found a school place independently of HSI, and do not require our consultation and placement services.

We offer two levels of service: Standard and Premium.

  • Our Standard service offers a low-cost guardianship option from £295 per term.
  • Our Premium Guardianship service is a competitively-priced, high-supervision and monitoring service, with 3 terms for £1,950

You will receive the same exceptional level of service with our Guardianship programmes as you would expect from us on any other programme, so I hope you will consider HSI for any of your students who require guardianship services.

You can download our brochure and fees by following these links:

Download our guardianship brochure

Download our 2017/18 guardianship fees

If you or any of your colleagues at Viki Travel have any questions about our guardianship services, then I am here to help.

Many thanks and best wishes,  


Tom Reed

Marketing Manager

High Schools International Group

Mob. +447921 804 405 | Tel. +44 1273 711 606

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