Предлагаем Вам и вашим студентам бесплатные он-лайн занятия для изучения английского языка вместе с Kensington Academy of English.



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7 Мая 2020, 18:23 | # 87084

Дорогие партнеры Викивиза!
Предлагаем Вам и вашим студентам бесплатные он-лайн занятия  для изучения английского языка вместе с Kensington Academy of English.
Это замечательная возможность попробовать на практике он-лайн обучение для тех, кто хочет изучать язык, но сомневается в он-лайн методиках.
Занятия для уровней от Intermediate до Advanced.
Урок 1: 13:30 (UK time)
Урок 2: 14:45 (UK time)
Продолжительность урока 45 мин
Возраст 16+
Записаться на уроки можно здесь: РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ
Нас рекомендуют !!!!
Согласно исследованиям, проведенных в январе 2020 года журналом EL Gazette, мы стали лучшей школой в центре Лондона "a 5 star school at 2 star prices".

Читайте больше на страницах журнала 14-15-16 в EL Gazette


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8 Сентября 2020, 13:28 | # 88532

Dear Igor Ozerin,

I hope you have already registered for Oxford International 2021 Product Launch webinars.

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10 September

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Focus on the new syllabus and electives available in 2021, meet the Principals and School Directors and learn more about the locations, the centres and what makes them the best choice for your students, plus a focus on our new Year Round Group Programmes for juniors and adults. Also have an overview of our North American Pathway Programs and how your students can study with us and achieve their goal of entering University in Canada or the US

15 September


Market leading academic short-course provider - meet the team and learn about how we can help your students develop their key skills for future academic and career success. Discover the centres, the programmes and how to best match them to your target audience

18 September

British English Olympics and The Masters

Unique competitions for teams of high school students to display their talents across a range of different challenges. The 2019 competition saw over 2000 students, representing 150 schools from 25 different countries compete to be crowned BEO or Masters champions. Do you have schools in your network who could join these competitions?


Attend the webinars to gain “Oxford International Programme Expert 2020/21” Certificate and get a chance to win a two-week trip to the UK or North America including:

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We are looking forward to seeing you on our webinars!

Best regards,

Liudmila Anuchina (M.APS)
Sales Administrator Russia and CIS 

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 Sales Administrator Russia and CIS


Email: lanuchina@OxfordInternational.com
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