FLS Boston Commons Re-Opens - UPP (Universal Placement Programs)


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17 Августа 2020, 13:46 | # 88005

Dear Partner WikiVisa, 

Warm greetings from Boston.  I hope this mail finds everyone well and in good spirits despite the challenges we have all been facing this year.  I am sending this to all of our partners in Russia in an effort to make sure everyone is current with FLS programs, centers, etc…. Some of you may already know some or all of this, so excuse any repetition.   

As I believe most everyone knows, like all U.S. schools FLS was forced to close its physical centers in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the U.S.  This was largely mandated by State governments and decisions by our host colleges to close their respective campuses. As a result, FLS was compelled to transition all of its U.S. students and programs to an online format.  The good news is that the transition was very smooth with few issues, and we were able to maintain a healthy population of students in FLS programs to continue through the spring and summer.  As we progressed, we also developed new online programs that would be more accessible for students to take internationally in addition to our existing pathway programs.  In addition, we created a selection of ’Summer Camp’ offering aimed at age groups that are usually hosted in our on-campus, Summer, Specialty-Tour programs, which were also forced to cancel, of course.  We fully expect to offer these Summer programs and more in 2021 and will have that summer program information to everyone very soon. 

FLS Boston Commons Re-Opens! 

This week, due to declining COVID-19 activity in Massachussets, we were proud to announce the reopening our FLS Boston Commons Center this week per State of Massachusetts reopening guidelines. Our Pathway programs in Boston are in ‘hybrid’ form (online and onsite), and we can now give students a chance to experience a real classroom environment once again with an emphasis on maximum safety.   

Here is a link to our FLS Boston Commons Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/flsinternationalboston/ - with some videos and photos of our check-in procedures as well as social distancing arrangements for classes.  With rotating schedules, we are able to make sure Onsite Class sizes are very small, about 4-6 students, to insure safety.  We have also retrofitted the Center with advanced filtration and air purifiers to insure good air quality, while the school is cleaned with disinfectant throughout the day. 

We understand that the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia have not yet reopened for visa processing and that even with visas, flights may be a challenge.  If, however, you have clients, who might already have either a student or tourist visa and can find flights, we are fully prepared to receive them at our Boston center.  Also, while Massachusetts does have a 14-day quarantine in effect for visitors from out of State, that requirement can be waived with a negative COVID-19 test taken within 3 days of arriving here or a negative test taken after arrival.  If done after arrival, our staff is prepared to make all arrangements for the test, which currently can usually be done free of charge here. 

Special August Promotion - FLS is offering a special promotion for any onsite program applications received before August 31, 2020:  A 30% tuition discount plus a waiving of the application fee ($150).  I am attaching our entire Pathway fee worksheet as well as our onsite pram application.  Please feel free to applications to me for processing and guidance.   

Online Programs 

FLS Online programs are now a permanent part of our program offerings even when we ultimately make the transition from ‘hybrid' to a full return to Onsite Programs.  I am attaching our current Online Program offerings and application form for your review.  Our Online Programs include new ‘Essential English’ (EE) programs like SAT or TOEFL prep, our English language classes (18 levels), as well as innovative ‘Young Learner’ classes.  These classes are 3-10 hours per week, Monday-Friday, and cost $85-$150/week with a 4-week minimum enrollment.  We also have a special website for our Online classes at www.flsinternationalonline.net.  In addition, there are free online sample lessons available on the weekends for potential students of yours who might want to give our Online classes a try.   

UPP (Universal Placement Programs) 

As many of you are aware, FLS operates a U.S. high school and university placement division, which is a free service for students in FLS programs ($125 placement fee for those who are not).  Of course, with the current pandemic, many U.S. universities have closed their campuses for the Fall semester opting to hold only Online Programs.  This does, however, give students the opportunity to take classes online in their own country that can be applied to degrees, potentially saving at least some of the expense of traveling and living in the U.S.  A student doing this for even one semester can save several thousand dollars, in fact, and still have a good number of credits applied to programs ultimately taken in the U.S. If you have questions about our UPP programs, please reach out to me or check the UPP website at www.uppcolleges.com

Thank you again for all of your tremendous efforts during this unprecedented challenge we have all been forced to face.  With your help, FLS has and will continue to endure, grow, and become better than ever with new program opportunities for its partners and students worldwide.  Together we can and will get through this. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

All the best, 



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1 Апреля 2021, 13:49 | # 90791
TALK English Schools: Online курс для взрослых студентов (от 15 до 99 лет) - $50 в неделю!!!

Дорогие партнеры,

Хотела бы напомнить вам о нашем предложении для взрослых студентов по невероятно доступной цене! 

Эта опция доступна для всех студентов, которые находятся вне США. 

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С наилучшими пожеланиями,


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30 Октября 2021, 11:05 | # 95363

Промежуточный срок Робина Симкокса на посту комиссара продлен

Назначение временного комиссара по противодействию экстремизму продлено до марта 2022 года.

Изображение Робина Симкокса.

Теперь он будет опираться на работу последних 6 месяцев, которая включала предоставление рекомендаций по будущей структуре и функциям комиссии, повышение осведомленности об экстремизме во всех его формах в государственном секторе и рассмотрение того, как можно поддержать лучшие государственные органы. в их усилиях по подавлению тех, кто пытается сеять разделение в наших сообществах.

Робин Симкокс сказал:

Мое время в качестве временного комиссара по противодействию экстремизму до сих пор только укрепило мою уверенность в необходимости решительного государственного ответа на экстремизм. Я был очень рад видеть такой энтузиазм министров по поводу роли комиссии в формировании этого ответа и такую готовность всего правительства использовать опыт комиссии.

В преддверии назначения постоянного комиссара, которое состоится в должное время, в следующие 6 месяцев основное внимание будет уделено быстрому наращиванию потенциала комиссии по предоставлению правительству лучших в своем классе независимых консультаций и экспертных знаний.

Вскоре начнется кампания по найму постоянного ведущего комиссара, подробная информация о которой будет размещена на веб-сайте государственных назначений Кабинета министров .

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