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Dear Partner WikiVisa.Ru, 

We hope this message finds you well! We are delighted to send you our Course Dates and Prices 2017 brochure, the latest Course Guide, and the Junior Courses & Family Courses 2017 brochure: 

  • Download the new CDP 2017 here 
  • Download the latest Course Guide here 
  • Download the new Junior & Family Courses Brochure 2017 here 

Please find below a summary of the key changes to our programmes and locations in 2017: 

Year-round school updates for 2017:

  • Though there have been moderate rises in our Course Fees for 2017, we have ensured that we are still competitive within the market. We will continue to offer your students fantastic value for money while delivering high quality courses. 
  • Platinum Course Fees have been frozen for your executive and mature clients studying at our exclusive Platinum Centres in Brighton, London Central, New York City and San Francisco in 2017. 
  • All Administrative Fees, including Registration Fees for 2017 bookings have been frozen. The Registration Fee is not charged to our registered agents, but will appear on student (gross) invoices. 
  • Junior students at St Giles Eastbourne and St Giles London Highgate who are under the age of 18 will be taught in separate classes with a maximum 10 students, so as to comply with recent British Council guidelines. 
  • At St Giles Eastbourne and St Giles London Highgate, full-day General English (1-23 weeks) and International Semester (24+ weeks) Courses of 28 lessons per week are now priced differently for students under the age of 16.  These course fees for Under-16s will include three social and leisure events per week, supervision and administration. (NB: Groups of Under-16s accompanied by a Group Leader can also choose General English courses of 20 lessons per week without activities included in the course fees, or they can choose the London Experience programme at London Highgate) This has also been put in place to comply with recent British Council guidelines. 
  • After the success of the course at our UK centres this year, we are delighted to introduce the ‘English for University Studies’ Course at St Giles Vancouver in 2017.  This fantastic course will combine morning lessons of General English with afternoon lessons of ‘English for Academic Purposes’.  The afternoon lessons can also be combined with morning IELTS or Cambridge exam preparation lessons for a more academic learning experience. 
  • We are now offering General English One-to-One Courses at St Giles London Central. Private lessons are offered at all schools across the St Giles Group, enabling your students to tailor their course to their needs and make faster progress. 
  • We understand that living costs in the USA are high compared to other locations, so we have once again decided to freeze our homestay accommodation fees in New York and San Francisco for next year. 
  • We have added a new bed and breakfast homestay option at St Giles Vancouver, to give your students more choice depending on their budget. 
  • We are offering a new residence in Vancouver – the GEC VIVA Tower Residence – with single and shared bedrooms in modern apartment suites located in downtown Vancouver. Download the current 2016 fact sheet here. 
  • Many of our residence prices have also been frozen for 2017:
    • St Giles Residence (our convenient on-site residence at St Giles London Central) – we have also introduced ensuite rooms for 2017
    • The New Yorker and Vanderbilt residences in New York City
    • The USA Residence in San Francisco 

Junior & family course updates for 2017: 

  • Our new Junior Summer Courses and Family Courses 2017 brochure includes information, dates and prices for all of our great junior residential centre locations in the UK, USA and Canada for students aged 8-19. We can offer young learners a variety of fantastic summer residential locations in the UK, USA and Canada next summer: 

ü UK: Bournemouth (NEW), Cambridge, Canterbury, London and Nottingham

ü USA: Boston (NEW), Los Angeles (NEW), New York (new location), Orlando (new location), San Francisco

ü Canada: Toronto and Vancouver 

  • Although we will no longer be offering San Diego or Southampton in 2017, we will be opening NEW junior residential centres in the following locations:
    • Bournemouth (see p.12)
    • Boston (see p.24)
    • Los Angeles (see p.26) 
  • We have also relocated in the following locations:
    • New York: We are now based on the modern City College of New York (CCNY) campus, just a few blocks away from our previous location (see p.28)
    • Florida: We have now moved to Orlando, on the Florida Institute of Technology campus, close to fantastic theme parks and beaches (see p.30) 
  • We are still offering an exciting range of Sports and Language English Plus Options, including a new surfing option in Orlando! These extra lessons take place over 5 hours per week in the afternoons, and enable students to tailor their Junior Summer Course to their specific interests and needs. Find out more on p.7 of the enclosed brochure.

 Due to the success of our Family Courses in Brighton, London and San Francisco this summer, we are delighted to offer these courses once again in 2017 – for adults and their children aged 7-15.  We are also delighted to announce a new Family Course in New York for 2017!


 Since we sent out our Course Dates and Prices 2017 list at the end of June, there have been a few amendments/corrections to the brochure which we’d like to make you aware of:

  • We have added a new entry for Family Courses at St Giles New York City (p.19).
  • The 1760 and the Manhattan School of Music residences will not be available to book in New York City for 2017 (deleted from p.19).
  • The English Plus price at St Giles Vancouver has been corrected (p.25).
  • We have specified that the rooms at the APT Living residence in Vancouver are charged monthly (p.26).
  • We have now included secure Flywire and Realex payment account information (p.27).

 We hope that this information is helpful. Don’t forget, you can visit the new and improved St Giles website to find out more about all our courses and schools, and to log in to the Agent Zone for high resolution photos, fact sheets and agent manuals: www.stgiles-international.com Printed brochures will be available to order from the Agent Zone at the beginning of September.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or the St Giles Head Office Team at hq@stgiles.co.uk. We very much look forward to welcoming your students to our centres in 2017!

With kindest regards,

Hannah Lindsay on behalf of the St Giles Head Office Team 

St Giles International Head Office
154 Southampton Row
London WC1B 5JX (UK)
t: +44 (0)20 7837 0404
f: +44 (0)20 7278 5458
e: hq@stgiles.co.uk

w: www.stgiles-international.com

 Skype: stgiles.info

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