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6 Ноября 2016, 10:33 | # 69922

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Virginia Living
Recognizes Spanish II Students as Published Authors
and St. Margaret’s as a Top High School in Virginia

Tappahannock (November 2, 2016) – Virginia Living names St. Margaret’s School a top high school in Virginia for excellence and innovation in arts and humanities. The selection specifically recognizes St. Margaret’s Spanish II class for publishing a book of short, original legends: Leyendas con Amigas in 2016 and Nuestras Leyendas in 2015, both of which are available in paperback on Amazon.

Each year in Spanish II, students exercise their creative writing skills after broadening their storytelling vocabulary and mastering the use of imperfect and preterite tenses. By the end of the year, students compile their best work and publish a book as a class. This experience takes students through the publication process from beginning to end, allowing them to edit their own work as well as the legends written by their classmates. It requires individual growth and collaborative group work.

“As a teacher,  you hope that your students walk away from each class having learned something new; that’s always the goal,” explains Señorita Jessie Dresch, instructor for all Spanish levels at St. Margaret’s. “It’s equally important to me that they have fun learning the material. For them to also walk away from the experience as published authors is pretty cool and definitely something of which to be proud!”

The October 2016 issue of Virginia Living is now on newsstands. St. Margaret’s School is featured in the State of Education section, a special bound-in supplement celebrating excellence and innovation in Virginia’s schools that aim to strengthen students’ experiences in and beyond the classroom. In previous issues, St. Margaret’s international, river, and minimester programs have also been recognized.

For more information, contact St. Margaret’s Director of Communication and Marketing, Lindsay Knight, at (804) 466-3142 or lknight@sms.org


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24 Октября 2021, 16:49 | # 95132

Кабинет министров: публикации специальных советников по прозрачности

В этой серии собраны все документы, относящиеся к публикациям специальных советников Кабинета министров по вопросам прозрачности.

Правительство обязуется публиковать подробную информацию о подарках и гостеприимстве специальных советников, а также о встречах с владельцами газет и других средств массовой информации, редакторами и руководителями высшего звена на ежеквартальной основе.

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