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15 Апреля 2016, 16:47 | # 66304
Dear Colleagues WikiVisa.Ru,

ISES has been advised that The Newman School has several spaces remaining for boys and girls in grades 9 – 12 for fall 2014 enrollment and beyond. The Newman School is on a rolling admission calendar and, therefore, will accept applications and enroll new students throughout the year.

The Newman School is an urban, private day school located in the heart of Boston, MA. Moreover, Newman is an IB World School. The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a two year rigorous academic program that creates independent learners who are well prepared to attend the top universities in the USA and abroad. In the USA, IB graduates are 21% more likely to be admitted into the most prestigious universities. Indeed, students from The Newman School class of 2014 achieved a 100% college acceptance rate that included Barnard College, Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University, Colgate University, Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University, Parsons School of Design, University of Pennsylvania and University of Virginia, University of British Columbia and University of Edinburgh, among others.

Please find attached a message from the Head of The Newman School.

Admission Requirements for The Newman School are as follows:

The Newman School



not required


Cost for The Newman School are as follows:

The Newman School, Boston, Massachusetts (*IB) Tuition $32,000
ESL (included)
Homestay Placement Services and Fees 16,750
Health Insurance 850

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or require any additional information,


Irina Kripinevich
Regional Manager (Russia & Central Asia)
ISES, Inc.
B.Gnezdnikovskij Per. 10-322
Moscow, Russia, 125009
Office: +7 495 629 50 36
Cell: +7 925 023 22 11
E-mail: ikrypinevich.ises@gmail.com
Skype: ikrypin04
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/internationalstudenteducationservices


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25 Апреля 2016, 11:51 | # 57459
Hi Igor WikiVisa.Ru,

The FAM Tour competition is off to a great start! Check out our recruitment partners and counselors that are leading the way!
(In no significant order) Enroll three students at Kilgore College, Community College of Philadelphia, or Jackson College and win a trip to the United States.

The next priority deadline for student applications is 4 May 2016.
Interested in talking with one of our International Admissions Officers about the American Honors program pathways at Kilgore College, Community College of Philadelphia, or Jackson College?

Schedule a Skype session by emailing international@americanhonors.org.

Look forward to hearing from you!
The American Honors Team

*Competition applies to Fall 2016 enrollments at the American Honors Pathways at Community College of Philadelphia, Kilgore College and Jackson College; In order to qualify, official recruitment partners and counselors must 1) indicate they are the referring organization via the AmericanHonors.org online application at the time of submission and 2) students who are enrolled in the program must pay tuition prior to the end of the add/drop period.Promotion is only open to official recruitment partners and counselors, excluding those located in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the UAE.
American Honors is a 2-year honors pathway program to top US schools.
American Honors is a national honors program offered at 2-year colleges. It prepares students to transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree from their dream school.American Honors Programs | 509 7th Street NW, 4th Floor | Washington, DC 20004 USA


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1 Мая 2016, 19:26 | # 57460
Вид на жительство в Англию. Вид на жительства в Шотландию. Вид на жительства в Уэльс и Северную Ирландию.

Оформить вид на жительство в Великобритании можно только по ограниченным британским категориям виз; рабочие визы, учебные визы, визы жены или мужа, виза инвестора, виза предпринимателя и иные визы в UK).
Биометрический вид на жительства (UK BRP карта) дает право проживать в UK круглый год, а также работать и учиться в Великобритании.

Как можно получить Вид На Жительства в Соединенное Королевство?

Биометрическую карту Biometric Residence Permit (BRP карта вид на жительства в UK) получают в британском почтовом отделенииRoyal Mail (Post Office) по месту жительства в Великобритании (адрес который Вы указали в онлайн анкете на визу).
Работодатель в Великобритании может получить Вашу карту ВНЖ (UK BRP) и выдать ее Вам на рабочем месте, а также британское учебное заведение может получить для Вас карту ВНЖ (UK BRP).
Но, в большинстве случаев, заявитель на ВНЖ в Великобританию самостоятельно получает карту BRP в почтовом отделении Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Ирландии.

Карту BRP выдают только при наличии визы Tier4, Tier 2, Settelment Visa, Dependant Visa, Investor Visa, Entrepreneur visa и иные категории иммиграционных виз в Великобританию.

Информация по категориям виз в Великобританию - Кто может получить Вид На Жительство в Великобританию?

Администратор, Профессионал

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3 Мая 2016, 21:23 | # 57461
Новости Посольства Великобритании 2016

С апреля 2016 года можно подать онлайн документы на визу и заполнить онлайн анкету на британскую визу на официальном правительственном сайте иммиграционной службы Соединенного Королевства.


Подать онлайн анкету и документы для визы в UK можно по следующим категориям;
Туристическая виза
Семейная виза / Гостевая виза

Бизнес виза / Деловая виза
Медицинская виза
Виза спортсмена
Виза артиста
Виза невесты / жениха (для заключения брака на территории Великобритании)

Виза ребенка / Виза для несовершеннолетних детей
Рабочие визы (ограниченные категории)

И иные стандартные визы в Великобританию, смотрите визовую информацию ниже.


We are currently updating our online visa application service. You can apply using the new service if you are applying for a:
- Standard Visitor Visa
- Marriage Visitor Visa
- 1 month Permitted Paid Engagements visa
Currently this service is only available to people applying in China, India, Russia, Belarus and Turkey. Applicants in these countries can apply here https://www.gov.uk/

The Standard Visitor visa has replaced the:
  • Family Visitor visa
  • General Visitor visa
  • Child Visitor visa
  • Business Visitor visa, including visas for academics, doctors and dentists
  • Sports Visitor visa
  • Entertainer Visitor visa
  • Prospective Entrepreneur visa
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitor visa
  • Approved Destination Status (ADS) visa
If you visit the UK on business
You can apply for a Standard Visitor visa if you want to visit the UK for business-related activities, eg:
  • you’re coming to the UK for a conference, meeting or training
  • you want to take part in a specific sports-related event
  • you’re an artist, entertainer or musician and coming to the UK to perform
  • you’re an academic and are doing research or accompanying students on a study abroad programme
  • you’re a doctor or dentist and are coming to the UK to take a clinical attachment or observer post
  • you want to take the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test or sit the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
  • you want to get funding to start, take over, join or run a business in the UK
Check the the Visitor Rules to find the full list of business-related activities you can do with a Standard Visitor visa.
Документы и анкеты на визу в Англию и Шотландию на русском языке

Администраторы информационного портала, Специалист

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23 Мая 2016, 11:28 | # 57462
Dear WikiVisa.Ru,
View this email online
Contact Us

New Girls’ Programme at
City Football Language School
24 July – 6 August 2016

This summer City Football Language School are launching its first world-class Girls’ Football and English programme, giving girls aged 9-17 the unique opportunity to experience life as a professional female football player in the heart of the Etihad Campus, Manchester.

Girls on the programme can:
  • Experience the world-class facilities at the City Football Academy, shared by Manchester City’s Women’s Team, First Team and Academy players alike
  • Enjoy girls-only football sessions in a small and personalised group with a maximum of 16 places
  • Make new friends in mixed Football Plus sessions designed to improve your English language skills in an authentic football context
  • Relax after a day of football in girls-only apartments with en-suite bedrooms
  • Benefit from 24/7 support and a dedicated team of staff, including female leaders
  • Enjoy a range of weekend excursions and evening activities
  • BOOK NOW - £100 discount plus free registration fee if you pay a 20% deposit by 31 May 2016. Simply email girls@cityfootball-language.com.
Hear from Manchester City Football Club’s Women’s Team! With the team competing at the top level of the FA Women’s Super League, this is a great opportunity for female players from all over the world to train at the same facility as the professional players.

The City Football Language School is now available in Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

Find out more about the City Football Language School in this year’s brochure, available to download as a PDF.

Discover Manchester City’s round-up of the first City Football Language School after the programme kicked off last summer.

Experience English, 62-66 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2LR
e: info@experienceenglish.com t: +44 208 939 0402

You have been sent this email as you have registered an interest in Experience English in the past.
Click here to unsubscribe from all Experience English marketing emails, we will be sorry to see you go.


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13 Июля 2016, 14:56 | # 57463
Dear WikiVisa.RuAmerican Hebrew Academy graduates four recipients of new Jewish Studies Diploma program

Greensboro, NC -- The American Hebrew Academy is proud to announce that four 2016 graduates have earned the new Diploma with Distinction in Jewish Studies, marking their excellence in the field of Judaics and the school's presence on the leading edge of Jewish education.

Tali Friedman, from Chicago, IL, Miriam McDonough, from Chariton, IA, Harel Pshitizky, from Modi'in, Israel, and Eli Whitehouse, from Greensboro, NC, all graduated from the American Hebrew Academy earning both a traditional high school diploma as well as the new Diploma with Distinction in Jewish Studies.

The American Hebrew Academy, the only international Jewish college prep boarding school in the world, educates intellectually adventurous teens from across the world to become future Jewish leaders on its lush Greensboro, NC campus.

According to the American Hebrew Academy's Dean of Jewish Studies, Rabbi Eliezer Sneiderman, "Academy students don't just accept someone else's version of Judaism; rather they struggle, and listen and make sense of the world until the final experience is uniquely their own. Students earning the Jewish Studies Diploma with Distinction have actualized this idea of ownership. Across four disciplines - Art, Hebrew, Research, and Traditional Textual Analysis - they have achieved excellence and forged their Jewish identity."

Rabbi Eliezer Sneiderman, Mirian McDonough, Harel Pshitizky, Tali Friedman, Eli Whitehouse, and Mr. Jeff Spitzer (from l to r). Photo by Andew Bowen Photography.
To earn the Diploma with Distinction in Jewish Studies, students must complete a multi-disciplinary Jewish Studies Portfolio during the senior year.
  • Tali Friedman, who will attend University of Vermont's Integrated Humanities program, produced paintings that addressed theological challenges and responses to the Holocaust as well as creative responses to Biblical texts, penned an eloquent letter in Hebrew, and conducted research on the different denominational responses to the national legalization of same-sex marriage.
  • Miriam McDonough, who will attend Simpson College in Indianola, IA, produced various kinds of art in response to Rabbinic stories that addressed issues of inclusiveness, exclusiveness, and creativity as they appear in the Talmud. Her research explored different denominational approaches to the relationship between chemistry and kashrut, and how it should apply in a pluralistic institution.
  • Harel Pshitizky, who will attend a mechina program before his induction into the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), wrote several creative stories in which he responded to and applied stories of conflict among the rabbis to parallel kinds of conflicts in a family or in school. His research on efforts by rabbinic authorities in Israel to annul the conversions of converts examined various circumstances from Talmudic sources through the modern day.
  • Eli Whitehouse, who will attend Sarah Lawrence College, also studied conversion to Judaism and developed a theory about how both openness and resistance to conversion reflect the different ways in which we understand our relative powerlessness and our power. Eli combined the Hebrew language and arts requirements by producing a chapbook of ten complex and challenging poems in Hebrew.
Program coordinator and Jewish Studies instructor Jeff Spitzer, who guided the students through the program, said: "We salute the work of these students in this pilot year of the Diploma with Distinction program, and acknowledge their contributions to the ongoing conversation of Torah at the Academy."

According to Rabbi Sneiderman, the new Jewish Studies diploma will help these outstanding students create a new model for Jewish leadership at the American Hebrew Academy, which offers a diverse, innovative and challenging dual curriculum in traditional academics and Jewish Studies.

Sneiderman said: "Our students have created something that is uniquely their own. It is an achievement that they will carry with them through life."

About the American Hebrew Academy

The American Hebrew Academy is the only international Jewish college prep boarding school in the world. Since its founding in 2001, the Academy has inspired intellectually adventurous teenagers from 28 states and 35 countries to pursue excellence in a one-of-a-kind academic environment.

The diverse culture, customs, and values of Judaism challenge Academy students of all backgrounds to maximize their full academic, personal, and spiritual potential which serve as the foundation for lifelong learning, community service, and global engagement. Rigorous study, experiential learning, competitive athletics, creative arts, travel around the world, and leadership development are at the core of the Academy's holistic curriculum.

The American Hebrew Academy is an elite school with an internationally acclaimed faculty and staff, state-of-the-art facilities, the world's largest closed loop geothermal heating and cooling system, and a stunning 100-acre lakefront campus in Greensboro, North Carolina. Graduates are regularly admitted to prestigious colleges and universities and go on to positions of leadership in business, medicine, law, finance, social service, and the Jewish community in the United States, Israel, and around the world.

The American Hebrew Academy | 336-217-7100 | www.americanhebrewacademy.org


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22 Октября 2021, 20:10 | # 95043

В Уорике открылся новый двор «Соловей»

Пятый соловьиный суд откроет свои двери в Мидлендсе, поскольку стремление ускорить правосудие в регионе набирает обороты.

  • Стимулирует справедливость в Мидлендсе, поскольку в этом регионе открывается пятый «Соловьиный» суд
  • На сегодняшний день в соловьиные корты по всей стране инвестировано 14 миллионов фунтов стерлингов.
  • В этом месяце на сайте Warwick начнутся слушания

Отель в Уорике, удобно расположенный недалеко от автомагистрали M40, присоединяется к другим временным судам, расположенным в Бирмингеме, Ноттингеме, Телфорде и Вулверхэмптоне, в усилиях по увеличению пропускной способности и борьбе с влиянием COVID-19 на систему уголовного правосудия. Вместе они провели сотни сидячих дней во время пандемии, помогая минимизировать задержки для жертв, свидетелей и обвиняемых.

В конференц-зале отеля обычно проводятся свадьбы и приемы, но в нем есть два зала судебных заседаний Crown для заседаний присяжных, связанных с кражами со взломом и преступлениями, связанными с наркотиками.

Суд оснащен по последнему слову техники, внедренной Службой судов и трибуналов Ее Величества (HMCTS) во время пандемии. Это означает, что стороны по делу могут появиться удаленно с помощью видео, где это необходимо, чтобы избежать каких-либо задержек в разбирательстве.

Министр судов, член парламента Джеймс Картлидж, сказал:

Новый суд Warwick Nightingale предоставит жизненно важные дополнительные залы судебных заседаний, чтобы дать людям в Мидлендсе более быстрый доступ к правосудию.

Мы уже вложили 14 миллионов фунтов стерлингов во временные суды по всей стране, чтобы увеличить их возможности, и продолжим помогать системе уголовного правосудия оправиться от пандемии, обеспечивать более быстрое отправление правосудия и оказывать поддержку жертвам.

Сегодняшнее объявление является частью важных мер, предпринятых с начала пандемии, чтобы суды могли оправиться от пандемии и решить проблемы с задержками. Это включает:

  • инвестирование четверти миллиарда фунтов стерлингов в поддержку восстановления в судах в прошлом финансовом году, в том числе более 50 миллионов фунтов стерлингов для потерпевших и служб поддержки
  • обеспечение отсутствия ограничений на количество дней заседаний Королевского суда в этом году
  • работает над возобновлением работы существующих залов судебных заседаний Crown после отмены большинства ограничений в Англии и Уэльсе (36 открылись до сих пор, и вскоре будут открыты новые)
  • создание залов суда Nightingale по всей стране для увеличения пропускной способности и обеспечения возможности заслушивания большего числа судебных процессов - с обязательством расширить 32 зала судебных заседаний Crown, которые занимаются уголовными процессами, до марта 2022 года
  • еженедельно проводить более 20000 слушаний с использованием удаленных технологий (во всех юрисдикциях) - огромный рост по сравнению с постоянным стартом в марте 2020 года

Эффект от этих мер уже виден. Англия и Уэльс были одними из первых крупных юрисдикций в мире, возобновивших суды присяжных; количество неурегулированных дел в мировых судах сократилось примерно на 80 000 с момента его пика в июле 2020 года, в то время как количество дел в Королевском суде начинает стабилизироваться.

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