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Dear Igor Ozerin, 

Hope you have had a great start into the week! 

In this newsletter, we would like to showcase our oldest and the most popular campus at Hult – Boston! Located for the full Boston experience, you’ll study business right on the banks of the Charles River at one of Boston’s many pioneering educational institutions in the heart of the city’s innovation hotspot. You can watch our Boston campus video here

Why attend business school in Boston? 

Study business in Boston—a stimulating city where forward-thinking people from all over the world come to exchange ideas, collaborate, and innovate. Boston has long been a pioneer in the field of education and more recently has emerged as an innovation hotspot. 

Our Boston campus is located on the banks of the Charles River and encapsulates the passion for learning so central to life in the city. Designed to facilitate collaboration, the campus has the feel of a modern company’s headquarters, with a light, spacious and contemporary interior. 

Enjoying the outdoors and sports is central to life in Boston. Even if you’re not a fan, you’ll feel the infectious energy of the city’s competitive spirit. Being your best, taking pride in your achievements, and celebrating the achievements of others are all qualities that define the Boston spirit. 

Hult House 

Opening in September 2019, Hult House offers dorm, studio and 2-bed apartment style accommodation steps from our Boston campus. 

The limited seats are still avaialble at our Boston campus. Please remember to send your student’s non-binding online application 2020 Application 

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Meet us at our Open House Events in London! 

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