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Dear WikiVisa.Ru

My name is Pierre Lansonneur and I am the CEO of International Community Schools Limited (ICS Ltd), which recently acquired the International Community School in London. ICS Ltd is a UK subsidiary of Alma Learning Group.

As you may know, ICS was previously within a company called ICS LLP, which was part of the family group SKOLA. ICS LLP is now under administration and if you are owed monies you should have received an official letter from the administrator with details of how these will be paid.  

As ICS enters this exciting new chapter, we remain committed to growing and maintaining our links with you and other educational agents around the world.

I am sure you are interested in the next steps for ICS, so I have included a brief summary below.

Next steps for ICS

  • ICS will continue to offer the year-round International Baccalaureate programme to students aged three to 18. Diploma students this year again produced exceptional academic results, accepting offers from top universities such as Oxford University. Young students also continue to excel, with results in all subjects that are well above international averages.
  • ICS will also continue to offer its extremely popular summer programme. Following an outstanding British Council inspection, the school was recognised as a Centre of Excellence for English by the English Language Gazette. This places it among the best English language summer programmes in the UK.  
  • Dave Stacey ( and Kasha Handcock ( will continue to be your main contacts. They can also be reached on 020 7298 8817. 
  • We are ready to provide you with a new contract with ICS Ltd, along with our new banking details, as soon as you confirm your interest.  

About Alma Learning Group

ICS has a new shareholder dedicated to scholastic excellence. Alma Learning Group currently specialises in four areas of education. These are:  

  1. Schools: ICS now has three sister schools, including Cours Hattemer, the prestigious private school founded in Paris in 1885. Hattemer’s alumni include Bridget Bardot, Jacques Chirac and Jean-Paul Sartre.
  2. Home schooling and blended learning: Alma Teaching caters for more than 4,000 students worldwide.
  3. After-school tuition: Cours Legendre is one of France’s largest and most reputable after-school tuition companies.
  4. Online video conferencing: enables thousands of students to learn languages online.   

Alma Learning Group will drive ICS future educational developments, drawing on its expertise in schools and technological excellence.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes

Pierre Lansonneur
ICS Ltd 

International Community School Ltd

7B Wyndham Place

London, W1H 1PN

United Kingdom

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