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31 Октября 2016, 13:26 | # 69210
Hi VikiVisa,

Another important email! Please read and let me know if you have any questions (as usual).

d’Overbroeck’s Summer in partnership with Bucksmore Education

Firstly, the big announcement: in 2017 Bucksmore Education will be running the d’Overbroeck’s summer programme. If you already work with d’Overbroeck’s you should already have received an email from Andrew Gillespie explaining this. Let me know if you haven’t.

The academic programme will still be produced by the d’Overbroeck’s team, and adapted from their year-round curriculum. d’Overbroeck’s teachers will still be involved in the course, particularly in the afternoon workshops. Bucksmore will handle all operations and enquiries / bookings as we would do for any of our summer centres.

If you don’t know d’Overbroeck’s, we are all part of Oxford International. d’Overbroeck’s is a leading independent school in the centre of Oxford. Please see their website for more information: They have run a summer programme for international students for many years. It is a boarding school experience and the academic programme is on a level with Young Leaders (14-17 year olds with a good level of English). The programme is designed to give students a taste of life at a leading UK independent school. Several students choose this programme before starting a year-round course at d’Overbroeck’s (or other schools) and often students will decide they want to study at a UK school after experiencing the summer programme. Their summer website is available here: and we will slowly be updating the Bucksmore website to feature all the details as well.

Please see the 2017 d’Overbroeck’s summer brochure attached. Feel free to ask me any questions about this. We are delighted to be working with the school this year and we think it makes perfect sense to combine two brands with excellent international reputations next summer.

We will publish the d’Overbroeck’s summer booking form next week and send it to you. We will also be adding everything to our agent zone:

ASP brochure

Yes, another brochure! The 2017 ASP brochure is ready and available to view online here: 2017 ASP brochure. Alternatively you can download it as a pdf using this link: or through the website agent zone.

We have made a few minor changes to the subjects and workshops but otherwise the successful format is very similar to 2016 in Cambridge, Oxford and London.

We will be posting all the brochures next week so they should be with you soon. If it’s really urgent let us know and we can post some as a priority.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably email again next week with the d’Overbroeck’s summer booking form and some other summer admin.

Have a lovely weekend. If you are attending ICEF Berlin I will hopefully see you there! If you aren’t I apologise for any late replies to emails as I won’t be back until Wednesday!



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