Don’t forget about the Summer Duo programme with Homelingua.



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13 Апреля 2017, 16:17 | # 74887

Hi WikiVisa.Ru,

I hope all is well. London has been bathed in sunshine for a week now, and I’ve had to get the sun cream out so it’s starting to feel a lot like summer…

This email is once again all about availability, availability, availability. Bookings are still very strong so we need to make sure we don’t have any disappointed partners and parents.

Please see the attached spreadsheet with lots of lovely colours. Hopefully it should be clear what is left. Please also take note of the text to the right. At most of our centres we now have very strict two-week ‘blocks’ for bookings. We cannot take 3 week bookings in these centres and all two-week bookings must be for the set dates. No flexibility over this at all so please don’t ask!

This doesn’t include any ‘live’ or pending enquiries you have already discussed with us.

With lots of centres filling up, where do we have good availability?

Plumpton College – lots of flexibility here. As well as the classic Bucksmore Summer ( don’t forget about the popular English Plus options:

a) Bucky Adventure ( with the NEW three-day adventure trip to Snowdon. How else can you experience what is officially THE BEST VIEW IN THE UK. It really is official:

b) Bucksmore Coding. Here’s the link to download the game made by last year’s computer programming students at Bucksmore: Imagine what this year’s students can do…

c) Bucksmore Animal Care. Plumpton’s animal management unit have confirmed that Bucksmore students will have the chance to work with (clean, feed, care for): rodents (guinea pigs), reptiles (gecko lizards and snakes), amphibians (frogs), and small mammals (e.g. ferrets).

d’Overbroeck’s Summer – For any student interested in studying at a UK boarding school, this is the perfect summer experience. It’s a similar level programme to Young Leaders (English level B1+) and it’s a unique opportunity to experience life at a UK independent school. Ideal for any student considering studying at a UK school.


Don’t forget about the Summer Duo programme with Homelingua. Here are our students who still need a partner:

There could be a ready-made partner for your student so please do take a look. We don’t want any lonely students…

That’s all the important stuff for now. One final thing: don’t forget it’s the long Easter weekend here in the UK so the office will be closed on Friday and Monday. I’ll be checking my emails as always (as long as it isn’t too sunny) but please be patient if you don’t receive immediate replies from anyone in Bucksmore summer or Homelingua.

We wish you a very Happy Easter from everyone at Bucksmore. Or, apparently if you listen to Cadbury and the National Trust we should just wish you a very Happy… Weekend (

As ever, don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.



Matthew Tighe
Managing Director
Bucksmore Education
259 Greenwich High Road,
SE10 8NB

Tel: +44 (0)208 312 8060
Fax: +44 (0)208 293 1199
Skype: matthew_tighe Summer programmes for 7 to 19 year olds – Year-round home tuition programmes for adults and juniors – Advanced summer programme for 16 to 19 year olds – Summer programme for students applying to top UK universities
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