We are a wonderful prep school in the South Downs, with an excellent ISI report. Great Ballard, West Sussex



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4 Марта 2017, 14:17 | # 74392

Joanne Humphreys

Consulting International Director, Great Ballard, West Sussex

Email: J.Humphreys@greatballard.co.uk


Welcome to Great Ballard Prep School, 

We are a wonderful prep school in the South Downs, with an excellent ISI report. We are a family run school, with a significant amount of land, a forest school, playing fields (yes, we even have deer roaming our grounds in the morning dew).

Great Ballard prides itself on our reputation for a quality establishment, in a school that is small enough to be 'cosy' but big enough to have capacity for 200+ students. Our boarding facilities are excellent, as is our chef - the students love our food (and so do the staff).

We are writing to you as we are in the unusual position on only have Chinese and Asian students during our summer months (these tend to come in groups), ut all year round, we do not have Asian students.  I know this is a buying motive for parents who would like their child to completely integrate into the English culture and speak English at near native level by the time they leave.

We have also recently held a Senior School Fair, which enables us to ensure we have great links with the senior schools, both near and far. We can therefore assist our students with their progression plans and develop and individualised learning plan for each student. We also help manage parents' expectations on where their child or children could apply to.

I hope we can take this opportunity to perhaps do some work together, and I would welcome and questions or queries you may have.   

Warm regards 

Joanne Humphreys

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