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26 Марта 2017, 21:05 | # 74609

Shella George

Admissions Officer, UWC Atlantic College, Vale of Glamorgan

Email: shella.george@atlanticcollege.org


Good Morning All,

I hope you are well.

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am the new Admissions Officer for UWC Atlantic College,   I have replaced Michelle Mears who is now our new Admissions Registrar.

Thank you for the support you have provided us in the past and I very much look forward to working with everyone.

We still have a few vacancies available for our 2017 Pre-Diploma  course so would be grateful for any applicants you may feel suitable.

Best wishes from Atlantic College,

Shella George

Admissions Officer

UWC Atlantic College 


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