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г. Москва

10 Декабря 2016, 11:08 | # 71013
Dear WikiVisa.Ru

Oliver Marlow

Head of External Relations, Eastbourne College, East Sussex

Email: okmarlow@eastbourne-college.co.uk


I am writing to you let you know that while Eastbourne College has closed its lists for many countries, we are still happy to consider one or two Russian boys wishing to enter Year 9 in September 2017. We have a wonderful group of Russian pupils at our school who enjoy our location on the south coast, our academic rigour, our rich extra-curricular programme and our excellent full seven day a week boarding provision. We would be delighted to receive details of any boys looking for a boarding place in year 9 in September 2017, whose English is good enough to access our curriculum, and we confirm that we will pay 15% commission.

Best wishes


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