We are now offering the GESE examination to closed groups at London Central.



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4 Июля 2017, 14:19 | # 75843

Dear Partner, 

With this email, we are delighted to send you our Course Dates and Prices for 2018 for all our year-round centres in the UK, USA and Canada! 

Based on feedback from our valued partners, we have re-designed the layout of the price list to make it easier for you to read and use. We do hope that this is beneficial to you and that you like the new format! 

From Monday 3rd July 2017 onwards, we will charge these 2018 rates for bookings received for next year. 

We are currently working on our printed version of the brochure and hope to send you a printed copy and PDF by the end of August. Details of our Junior Summer Courses and Family Courses for next year, including dates and prices, will also be available in August. 

Please find below a list of some key changes we have made to the dates and fees for next year. 

Updates for 2018: 

  • Though there have been moderate rises in our Course Fees in the UK and Canada for 2018, we have ensured that we are still competitive within the market. We will continue to offer your students fantastic value for money while delivering high quality courses. 
  • Course Fees in the US have been frozen for 2018.  
  • We are pleased to announce our new course in San Francisco: Silicon Valley Experience: English for Tech. This course will have set start dates throughout the year and will focus on English for technology. An excursion to the Silicon Valley is included in the course as well as a visit to a local start-up company. More information on this course will be available soon, once our Course Guide brochure has been published. 
  • Platinum Course Fees have increased slightly for your executive and mature clients studying at our exclusive Platinum Centres in Brighton and London Central. Fees in New York City and San Francisco have been frozen for 2018. 
  • Registration Fees have increased in the UK to £80, but have frozen in the US ($150) and Canada ($150). The Registration Fee is not charged to our registered agents, but will appear on student (gross) invoices. 
  • Students can now choose a Multi-Centre Option and study at two or three St Giles centres for a minimum of 2 weeks per centre. 
  • We are now offering the GESE examination to closed groups at London Central. Please enquire at the school for more information. 
  • Accommodation Placement Fees have been frozen in the US and Canada. We have also introduced an accommodation placement fee of £30 in the UK. 
  • We understand that living costs in the USA are high compared to other locations, so we have decided to reduce our homestay accommodation fees in New York and San Francisco for next year. 
  • We are now offering a new residence in New York for students aged 16-17 during the summer only. The residence at CCNY is a 30-40 minute journey by subway and caters for our younger students. St Giles Juniors staff will be on-site to offer 24 hour supervision to our younger students. 

We hope that this information is helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or the St Giles Marketing Team at hq@stgiles.co.uk. We very much look forward to welcoming your students to our centres in 2018! 

With kindest regards, 

Hannah Lindsay on behalf of the St Giles Head Office Team

Group Sales & Marketing Director 

St Giles International Head Office

154 Southampton Row
London WC1B 5JX (UK)

t: +44 20 7837 0404
f: +44 20 7278 5458


Skype: stgiles.info 

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