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30 Ноября 2016, 13:30 | # 70798

Good Afternoon WikiVisa.Ru 

We hope you all had a busy but enjoyable summer season and are now planning for 2017! 

We have had another successful year where 1000’s of students enjoyed a stay at Churchill House Ramsgate or in one of our many Summer Centres. 

All of our materials have been updated and we have agreed the pricing structure for 2017. 

Attached is the new main school price list for the adults. The new brochure for Churchill House Main School will be ready in the next couple of weeks.

 Also enclosed is a copy of our brochure and price list for Summer Vacation Courses for juniors. You will see that we have Centres all over the UK for 2017 providing you with a wide range of possibilities. This choice is combined with all the benefits of working with an independent, privately owned business and we are pleased to say that we won the Star Awards for best junior course for under 18’s. 

Churchill House is an all year round school and we have many groups studying throughout the year. We would be very happy to provide a quotation for any groups that might want to come to the UK to study.

 We know that our prices represent very good value and we are always happy to discuss commissions and special deals. We are very flexible and work with you to make sure that you have exactly the right product for your clients. 

If you want more information about any of our courses do please contact us. 

If you would like to receive hard copies of any of our sales literature please email or use the brochure request form attached to this email letting us know the type of literature you would like along with the amount and the address to send them to. 

We look forward to welcoming your students in 2017. 

Kind regards 

Anne, Blanca, Darren, Penny & Karen

The Sales Team 

Churchill House School of English Language

42 Spencer Square


Kent CT11 9EQ  




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