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13 Марта 2017, 18:31 | # 74485

Joanne Humphreys

Consulting International Director, Great Ballard, West Sussex

Email: J.Humphreys@greatballard.co.uk

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Good Morning from Great Ballard School,

I do hope you are well. We are sending out this special email and attachment from the Brighton Newspaper. We had the most wonderful senior school fair at the school on the 3rd March, attended by over 18 senior schools. We also had agents who attended as they were looking for schools to speak to, and also they spoke to us about progression routes for their students from Prep through to Senior. 

Our Headmaster is always happy to speak to agents about what a Prep School means and how we, at Great Ballard, manage the academic pathway of each student we have towards their future.

I am attaching the photo from the newspaper. Please do have a look and please contact me if you would like to know the next event. We also have our OPEN day on the 5th of May. If you are in the UK and looking at fantastic prep schools for your clients, please do come and see us. You can meet our Headmaster and House team. Please let me know if you are coming and I can let the team know.

We hope that all is well with business this year. A good sterling exchange rate seems unlikely to change in the near future, and our summer term boarders are almost full. We do however still have places for September.

I look forward to hearing from you,  

Joanne Humphreys


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