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30 Января 2017, 16:03 | # 72559

Dear WikiVisa.Ru

Family English Courses are popular this year (and we can help you!)

We are wondering if you have noticed an increase in enquires for family English courses this year? We have noticed a trend amongst the "40-somethings" with teenage children for holidaying with their families to improve their knowledge of English. It is this demographic age group that grew up with English at school and realise its importance for their future careers. There seems to be a desire to invest in a good education which is growing rapidly.

To help you answer any enquiries we have created a PDF with the key details (attached now). There is also a link on our website: 

All types of accommodation (homestay, hotels or self-catering apartments) are available to complete their stay however they are always at a premium in the summer. For that reason we always advise early booking for summer courses to ensure our clients get their first choice of accommodation. There are separate application forms for adult and junior courses:

  1. Adult: 
  2. Junior: 
Please let me know if you would like further information about the family programme, or any of Kingsway’s courses. 

Best wishes 

Sue Johns  |  Director & Business Manager 
+44 1905 619877  | 
Kingsway English Centre Ltd   |   Worcester WR1 1EE   |   UK
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