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17 Марта 2017, 16:27 | # 74522

Graham Moseley

Director of International Relations, Royal Russell School, Surrey



Dear colleagues WikiVisa.Ru

Many of you will know that Royal Russell has expanded the number of places for boarders from September 2017 thanks to the opening of two new boys’ boarding houses. The good news is that we have recently met our increased recruiting targets for international students. The even better news is that we have decided to keep the existing houses open for the foreseeable future, given the interest expressed in joining our community.

Therefore we are in a position to offer additional boarding spaces for both girls and boys of suitably high quality. We are happy to receive more applications for all Year Groups but especially Year 12.

Please contact myself or Katie James if you have any candidates for possible consideration.  

Graham Moseley

Director of International Relations

Royal Russell School

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