Начальное образование в Англии 2017 Abbotsholme School - Russian pupils



г. Москва

12 Февраля 2017, 14:41 | # 72850

Michele Archer

Admissions Manager, Abbotsholme School, Derbyshire

Email: michele.archer@abbotsholme.co.uk


Abbotsholme School  - Russian pupils

We currently have 1 Russian speaking pupil at the school.

Places available for all year groups, short and long term (places available from 6 weeks (boys only) 

  • All inclusive fees (trips, activities, clubs, boarding etc)
  • EAL inclusive of fees
  • EAL Saturday mornings
  • June immersion programme

Contact michele.archer@abbotsholme.co.uk for further information


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