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26 Ноября 2016, 10:26 | # 70647

Dear Parents WikiVisa.Ru and Guardians,

Life continues apace at Bethany.  The clocks may have gone back and the nights are longer but our enthusiasm remains as high as ever.   I was disappointed not to be able to attend the Sixth Form Drama Performance on Wednesday, 16th November as I had to attend a Governors’ Meeting instead.  The feedback I got was incredibly positive.

Our Sixth Form Evening last Friday had a new format which was very well received.  Once again the atmosphere was excellent, as were the five pupils who spoke.  The lesson from that evening is that a Headmaster should say less and simply allow the pupils to tell it like it is as they are far better communicators!

I had the pleasure of interviewing former pupil, Aaron Sidwell, on Wednesday evening in the Function Suite.  Aaron plays the character Steven Beale in EastEnders and was a Bethany pupil from 2000 to 2005.  He came across wonderfully well and clearly is a very nice and talented young man with both feet firmly on the ground.

Last night’s Bethany’s Got Talent Show put the national equivalent to shame.  All of the pupils who participated did really well and the worthy winner was Fenn Piper.

This weekend is Home Weekend and my first cousin is getting married in the West of Ireland tomorrow so as you read this I am most probably half way to Ireland!

We do a World Challenge Expedition every other year and we have now started the planning process for summer 2018 and there is a True Adventure Expedition Parent Meeting on Tuesday, 29th November at 6.00 p.m. in the Function Suite.  The following night is the night of our Christmas concert and it starts at 7.00 p.m. again in the Function Suite.

Thursday, 1st December is a big day for me and a horrible one for everyone else in that it is the day I dare to show my knees while at work!  You will have received a letter a couple of days’ ago informing you that I intend to wear shorts to Bethany on 1st December in support of our Year 8 pupil, Max Brown’s efforts to raise money for the charity Centrepoint. Staff and pupils have also been invited to wear shorts of a decent length in return for which they have been asked to contribute £2 to the charity which will be collected on the day.  It is not every young man who would set himself a challenge that would last a year and stick to it as resolutely as Max has done and so I am delighted to be able to support him and of course the worthy Charity.  I hope that you will also consider contributing something.  I was particularly amused by an email I received from a parent enquiring how much it would cost for me “not to flash my legs”.  I do have some sympathy for this parent as my legs are not my best feature!

There is a Year 7 Parent Teacher Meeting on Friday, 2nd December which starts at 5.15 p.m. in the Function Suite and the Year 9 Parent Teacher Meeting takes place the following Friday.

Our whole school Carol Service this year is on Monday, 12th December at St Dunstan’s Church in Cranbrook and it starts at 7.00 p.m. and will finish at 8 p.m.  Our end of term is Friday, 16th December.  

We have recently opened our indoor swimming pool and fitness facilities, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, to parents and so far a handful of parents have used them.  We would like this opportunity to remain viable and I hope more of you will take advantage of these facilities which are free.  It may well be that they will become more popular in the New Year when so many of us make resolutions which we always struggle to keep!

Yours sincerely 

Francie Healy - Headmaster

Bethany School Ltd

Curtisden Green


Cranbrook, Kent TN17 1LB

United Kingdom


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13 Июня 2022, 13:32 | # 104756

Протесты Небесной Владычицы: письмо имаму Кари Асиму

Письмо Департамента повышения уровня, жилищного строительства и общин имаму Кари Асиму.


Протесты Небесной Владычицы: письмо имаму Кари Асиму

Этот файл может не подходить для пользователей вспомогательных технологий.

Запросите доступный формат.


Департамент повышения уровня, жилищного строительства и общин опубликовал письмо имаму Кари Асиму о протестах Небесной госпожи, отзывающее его назначение независимым советником и немедленно прекращающее его работу в правительстве.

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