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Cambridge Dream - Summer School

This school has joined the ever growing academic network of global institutions associated with www.educationagents.org.

Cambridge Dream are looking to increase their partnership network in order to diversify and enrich their student base.

Please feel free to register your interest in making contact with their specialised team of admissions professionals.

About the School

Cambridge Dream is a prestigious Summer School based at Cambridge University concentrating on the preparation of scholars to study at leading Universities across the globe.

The students who attend the programme are integrated with British school students of a similar age and taught by University academics, as well as being mentored by current undergraduates. This unique offering provides invaluable insights into life at a top University from both a cultural and academic perspective.

The expert team at Cambridge Dream have created a rich and varied learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom. Every day is different and exciting: from programming robots, designing an eco-car and meeting leading bio-medical researchers to debating global issues, practising interviews and performing Shakespeare. This diverse curriculum allows students to nurture their talents and gain wider enrichment and vital communication and leadership skills to support their university applications. 

We would like to work with selected partners to deliver these courses to the international market.

If you would like to explore this option, please feel free to contact our specialist admissions team via the links provided.


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