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12 Января 2017, 9:37 | # 72079
Dear WikiVisa.Ru

As this is my first newsletter of 2017 I would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I always start a new year feeling optimistic and this year is no different despite the uncertainties thrown up by the UK’s vote to leave the EU & the election of Donald Trump. Being positive and optimistic has helped keep Kingsway going through some difficult times over the past 28 years so that’s what we’re going to keep doing! I’m sure the world will keep turning and people will continue to want or need English courses so here’s an update on our services:

NEW WEBSITE: www.kingsway-english.com  
Some of you may have already seen our fresh, new website launched at the end of last year. This one is mobile-friendly which seems to be essential in today’s world. We would welcome any feedback.

We have not increased prices for the 3rd or 4th year running (we’ve lost track!) but you can see the 2017 price list here: http://www.kingsway-english.com/prices 

We know our prices are a bit above average but we also know that we offer extraordinary value for money. We have superb premises and outstanding service quality. Everything we do is designed to provide a first-class language learning experience for mature & motivated adults who only have a short amount of time to improve their English. Our students (&/or their employers) see a Kingsway course as an investment. The short video we had made last summer really encapsulates the spirit of Kingsway & should be an excellent sales tool: http://www.kingsway-english.com/video 

SUMMER SCHOOL: www.kingsway-summerschool.com 
Our tiny, boutique summer school for teenagers runs from Sunday 9th July – Sunday 6th August. By tiny I mean exactly that; we tend to have an average of about 25 students IN TOTAL per week. We only accept individuals (or tiny groups or 3 or 4 friends) and this ensures we have an excellent nationality mix, a genuine need for our students to speak English and a friendly atmosphere. Our short videos convey the personality of Kingsway Summer School and give you a taste of our facilities and activities: http://www.kingsway-summerschool.com/videos Since we started our summer school in 2013 we have been delighted at the superb feedback received from students, parents and agents. Obviously it’s great to hear that our students have enjoyed their time with us, but we love to hear about the significant improvement to their English once they are back home! See here for testimonials from former students and their parents: http://www.kingsway-summerschool.com/testimonials (you need to click on the little circles to bring up more examples).

The reasons our students make superb progress with their English are easy to identify:
1) Our students book as individuals so they need to speak English to make friends. International friendships flourish here!
2) Our teachers put the focus of lessons on speaking and listening skills & make lessons interesting, useful and fun.
3) Our host families are friendly and welcoming. Where possible we put 2 or 3 different nationalities in the same family so they can walk to/from school together and practise their English at all times.

During the 4 weeks of our summer school (see above), we can provide family courses as long as the juniors are between the ages of 13 & 17. The adults can choose any Kingsway course & attend our executive centre which is only 500 metres from our summer school. For the range of courses & prices: http://www.kingsway-english.com/prices We have various options for family accommodation, subject to availability:
1) Parent(s) and teenager(s) stay in same homestay, different rooms.
2) Parent(s) and teenager(s) stay in different homestays.
3) Parent(s) and teenager(s) stay in a Kingsway self-catering apartment. From here it is 200 metres to our executive centre or 300 metres to our summer school.
See here for all accommodation options: http://www.kingsway-english.com/accommodation 

I try to write a weekly post on our public Facebook page for our adult centre: https://www.facebook.com/kingswayenglishcentre/ Please follow us if you aren’t already.
I will re-start the summer school Facebook page very soon as I gave it a break after last summer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingswaysummerschool/ 

Please let me know if there is anything we can help you with – preferably bookings J

Best wishes 

Sue Johns  |  Director & Business Manager 
+44 1905 619877  |  sue@kingsway-english.com 
Kingsway English Centre Ltd  |  Worcester WR1 1EE  |  UK
Learn English 1:1 Online                 www.kingsway-online.com
Adult English Courses in UK          www.kingsway-english.com
Live English Assessments       www.kingsway-englishtest.com
Junior Summer School      www.kingsway-summerschool.com

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