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Dear WikiVisa.Ru 

Kari Butler has taken on the lead at Concord College Summer School following the retirement of John Leighton…. 

Many of you may have met John Leighton, either at Concord or at one of the many educational exhibitions he has represented Concord at.  John has been at Concord for 41 years and been involved with Summer School since 1998 with student numbers having more than doubled during his directorship.  He intends to spend more time with his family and in his garden but will still be involved with Concord as an ambassador of the College. 

John with the summer course admin team

(L-R) Sharon Connor, Senior Administrator, John, Caroline Pocock, Administrator 

Kari Butler joins Concord from Loughborough College.  You may have already met Kari as she has been connected with the Summer School since 2003.  For the last 13 summers her home has been Concord where she started as a PE teacher and for the last 6 years has been Course Director.  “It doesn’t feel like I have taken up a new job as I have been constantly returning to Concord every summer, sometimes for both summer schools.” 

Kari being welcomed to her new full time post by John Leighton 

Concord College Summer School has many exciting developments planned for the summer programme next year – 2 July – 25 August – please sign up to our Newsletter to keep up to date with what is happening.  

Applications are already being received, the majority being from students who attended this year – testament to the excellent and varied summer programme that John has developed during his time at Concord – a legacy that Kari and her team are looking forward to continuing. 

We look forward to working with you during this exciting time. 

Summer School Team  

Summer Courses – English, Science/Maths/Economics and Oxbridge Preparation

Between 2 July – 25 August 2017– APPLY NOW 

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News story

Приобретение Newport Wafer Fab вызвано для оценки национальной безопасности

Приобретение Newport Wafer Fab было вызвано для полной оценки национальной безопасности.

Сегодня (среда, 25 мая) бизнес-секретарь Кваси Квартенг объявил о приобретении компанией Nexperia компании Newport Wafer Fab для полной оценки национальной безопасности.

В соответствии с Законом о национальной безопасности и инвестициях 2021 года правительство имеет полномочия тщательно проверять и, при необходимости, вмешиваться в соответствующие приобретения по соображениям национальной безопасности.

У правительства есть 30 рабочих дней (с возможностью продления еще на 45 рабочих дней) для проведения этой оценки. Этот процесс идет.

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