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Dear WikiVisa.Ru
Did you know that the international emergency call “May Day” comes from the French for “help me!” (m’aidez!)? I’ve used “May Day” as the subject line for this email – not because Kingsway is in danger but because it actually is May Day.  It’s a public holiday here in the UK, although Kingsway is open and working as usual. Fortunately there is a tradition that it always rains on bank holidays, and that’s what it’s doing now :-). It’s always easier to work when you know that you are not missing out on garden parties or BBQs!
I have a few bits of news to pass on to you:
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We have set up a new tracking system which is very easy to use. Just fill in this form: and all traffic from your website to ours will be recorded. If anyone fills in our contact form or application form, we will know they originated from your website and you won’t miss out on commission. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you would like Rick to do this for you just reply to this email and he will set up your link for you.
Summer School Programme
The programme for this year has now been finalised and can be seen here: There is a link on the page which allows you to download the programme if required. We have introduced a “half-way BBQ” at the end of week 2 as well as a few new activities such as:
Zorb football:
Summer School Numbers
Numbers are going to be a bit higher this year than in previous years as we have already exceeded 30/week for some weeks. My long-term goal is to get the numbers up to 50 students/week which is still tiny for a school compared to others. We currently have 9 different nationalities booked in: Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swiss, Spanish. All have booked as individuals or with one or two friends or siblings.
Summer School Homestays
We will be allocating host families next month once we have the majority of applications in. This will give us the best opportunity of matching up different nationalities but similar ages whilst also aiming to put girls together and boys together. Kathy and I have a giant planner with student details on bits of sticky paper which we can move around. Getting the best result is like doing a complex puzzle; we think we’ve found the perfect solution and then we notice something that doesn’t quite fit and we have to start all over again! We play around for hours and feel jubilant when we’ve worked it all out so that everyone should be happy.
Hope to hear from some of you soon!
Best wishes 

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Даты и места проведения пленарных заседаний CoRWM

Подробная информация о наших пленарных заседаниях (все открыты для публики) на 2022 год.

Все наши пленарные заседания открыты для публики.

Ниже перечислены предстоящие открытые пленарные заседания Комитета по обращению с радиоактивными отходами ( CoRWM ). Все даты могут быть изменены; пожалуйста, проверьте эту страницу для обновлений о датах и местах проведения встреч.

Каждое пленарное заседание заканчивается вопросами общественности и возможностью прокомментировать.

Свидание Время Ведущий Расположение
30 июня 2022 г. 10-11 утра Специальное открытое пленарное заседание онлайн
12-13 сентября 2022 г.      
28-29 ноября 2022 г.      

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