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Kingsway update - News at the end of the summer season 

I was surprised to realise that the last newsletter I wrote was in May – nearly 4 months ago! Since then we’ve had the appalling Brexit result, our 4th summer school for teenagers and a very busy few months in our executive centre.

We were shocked and stunned by the result of the referendum on EU membership in June. Now we’re living in uncertain times when no-one knows what Brexit means but that is where we seem to be heading. However I’m an optimist and continue to believe that we won’t ever actually leave the EU. In the meantime, a small consolation for our industry is that the pound is weak so it’s a good time to study English in the UK. We all need to make hay while the sun shines!

Kingsway Summer School
Our 4th summer school for independent teenagers took place in July/August and once again we had excellent feedback from students, parents and agents. Again we managed to place all students in excellent homestays within walking distance of the summer school. Again we had an excellent range of nationalities – typically 20 students/week from 10 different countries. We were pleased to welcome our first students from Estonia, Luxembourg & Japan. This year we introduced some new activities such as Zumba and cake-decorating which were well-received & will be included next year. But we’ve decided to drop the cinema night from next year’s programme as it’s hard to choose a film which everyone can a) understand and b) enjoy. Our website is up-to-date with information for next year and includes the short video made with our students from this year:

Executive Centre
Although our lovely building is best described as an executive centre, that description can be a bit misleading. Of course we do get executives who come here to study Business English. But our adult students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions and include people “between jobs”, those who have been out of the workplace for years (but want to return to it) and people in early retirement. Years ago an agent described Kingsway as the only school where he could send professional people on a General English course. The minimum age of our students is 25, the average age is 45 and they are all on short courses (typically 2-4 weeks). They are united by being highly motivated and seeing their Kingsway course as an investment. As a matter of interest we are holding our prices for the 4th year running. See our brand new video here:

Difficult Clients
Kingsway is particularly good at dealing with difficult and demanding clients. We love the challenge of turning a hard-to-satisfy person into someone who gives us excellent feedback. And then I love passing that feedback on to the agent. If you have a difficult client then please introduce them to Kingsway. But please send us the nice, easy ones too 

StudyWorld 2016
I will be at StudyWorld, London as usual next week. If you are there and would like to meet up please contact me as I still have some appointments. If you have a full schedule then I’m always up for a coffee or lunch <![if !vml]><![endif]>

Christmas 2016
I hate thinking about Christmas at this time of year but we want you all to be aware that we run a special pre-Christmas social programme for 1-week in December. Full details can be seen here: The first 16 students to book this special week will come to Rick and my house on Thursday 8th December where we will be hosting a full, traditional Christmas dinner with plenty of champagne! Transport each way provided of course. This will be our 3rd year of hosting Xmas dinner for our students and we can promise that it will be a very special evening.

If you are on Facebook please follow Kingsway’s public page to see our weekly posts:

Hope see or hear from you soon!

Best wishes

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