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2 Сентября 2016, 15:00 | # 67208

Dear Agents, friends and colleagues WikiVisa.Ru

 Greetings from International House Newcastle!

 We are writing to you to explain a major change in terms of our self-catering accommodation option in the city-centre. Many of you are familiar with the accommodation we have offered and been responsible for running over the past 12 years – the well Known Charlotte house student apartments which were very often full all year round and especially in the busy summer months. These apartments were a great asset for us a school and helped us to expand our business so quickly as we could provide endless accommodation when we needed the facility… wonderful! Unfortunately last December 1st changed all of this…!

 Charlotte House was the building adjacent to the Kard Bar where the worst fire in Newcastle occurred and despite our building remaining  structurally ‘safe’ the fire caused damage to the laundry (flooding), the courtyard (fenced off for safety) and most of our reputation as a happy residence ( the view of a burnt out building was their view)  which of course affected our bookings. With this in mind we decided after trying for many months to improve matters that we needed to find a much better option  for our clients and sadly give up the lease on Charlotte House residence.

 The good news is we have found a wonderful alternative option – the same distance from the school, en-suite apartments and studios and a fully equipped gym for the students to use!! This is Newcastle 1 and we have 45 bedrooms year round as well as 100+ in summer – July and August. So it is perfect for our business and students!!     

   The prices will be £140 for en-suite rooms, £160 for standard en-suite studios, £170 for premium ensuite studios (students already booked and paid for Charlotte House will not pay more and receive a free upgrade)

 Please view our website for details here: Students can also take a virtual Google Tour of the site using the button on the page.

 Large images are available via Dropbox here:

 Course + Accommodation Packages

We also offer Standard, Premium and Premium Plus Packages at Newcastle 1 for 4+ week bookings

Course + Newcastle 1 Accommodation Packages for study of 4 weeks or more

20 hour course (GE)

25 hour course (GE, AE, CE, BE)

Standard Package (private en-suite room in shared apartment)



Premium Package (private en-suite studio)



Premium Plus Package (large, private en-suite studio)



 We hope this explains the situation to you all and that if you have any questions please let me know and we will do our best to help.

 Thank you for your support and best wishes


 Patricia Mullen

Executive/Marketing Director

 International House Newcastle

UKBA Sponsor Licence No: 5P2D6T558
7-15 Gallowgate
United Kingdom

Tel:    +44 191 232 9551

 Direct line:    +44 191 241 3181
2   Fax:   +44 191 232 1126

skype:   patricia-mullen

* Email:

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GAD поддерживает работу Национального ситуационного центра правительства. Актуарные навыки обеспечивают своевременный анализ, моделирование и обеспечение качества.

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Мы смотрим на поддержку GAD для Национального ситуационного центра правительства. Актуарий GAD Шон Лэрд использует свои актуарные навыки для предоставления своевременных данных, прогнозов и анализа, чтобы в кризисной ситуации принимались наиболее обоснованные решения. Данные и информационные панели

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