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Dear Partner WikiVisa.Ru, 

I am proud to inform you of our Residential Programme at Funcoast World will commence on Monday 19th June and will end on Monday 28th August 2017.

Year after year we work on improving this programme and this year is no exception. We are confident that Funcoast World is the best Residential centre in the UK in terms of comfortable luxury accommodation, an amazing choice of over 75 quality activities on offer and the best English Language classes available in any summer camp in the UK.

Introduction to the programme…

We have attached 2 week sample programmes with this email to show you exactly what your students can expect when staying with us. Naturally, we would be happy to forward you our 3 and 4 weeks programmes if you require.

Skegness, a lovely seaside town on the North East English Coast, famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, safe environment and warm and friendly people.
What’s new on the programme

•         More programme dates have been added. You now have the possibility of students booking from 2 to 8 weeks at a time due to popular Demand

•         Refurbishment of bedrooms, in fact our rooms are more like  “Hotel Style” accommodation

•         We only take bookings from agents and not directly from parents. This means your clients will never be able to book direct with us. Guaranteeing you the Booking and NO loss in sales !

•         Age groups of 7-10 yrs for English and Play leaning and 11-17 yrs for Language and Fun  

Why choose us…

•         Two separate residential programmes for Juniors and Teens available in the UK ( Funcoast World and Safari & Fun )

•        1 adult supervisor for every 9 children provided at our centre’s by Anglophiles. All staff fully qualified and CRB checked

•         24 hour supervision ensures a safe and secure environment for all children

•         A young and experienced teaching team with internationally recognized qualifications

•         Leisure programme offering at least 3 activities daily, 7 days a week

•         Over 46+ years experience in organizing Educational Holidays in the UK for students from around the world

Package includes…

•         Full board accommodation at Funcoast World in quality “hotel Style” rooms with excellent food

•         All English Language classes as advertised on the enclosed programmes

•         Full week leisure programme (at least 3 activities each day)

•         Full  day excursions as advertised

•         Complimentary accommodation, activities and transfers for 1 group leader per 15 students if required

•         Registration fee included

•         Course certificate


  • Prices start from as little as £546 per week ( 7 nights, 8 days )
  • Our NETT and GROSS agent price list has been attached to this email
Please feel free to contact me personally at any time should you require any additional information on FUNCOAST WORLD or any of our other programmes. It will be a pleasure to hear from you.

Best regards,


Gavin Daniel                
International Sales Manager           

Anglophiles Academic
140-144 Freston Road
W10 6TR                                     

Tel : 020 7603 1466
Fax : 020 243 6384
Please also feel free to visit us at

Ask us about our Language & Sports Academies


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Посольства Канады, Франции, Германии, Италии, Японии, Нидерландов, Норвегии, Испании, Швеции, Соединенного Королевства, Соединенных Штатов Америки и Представительство Европейского Союза в Судане с глубоким сожалением и обеспокоенностью отмечают смерть Сотый мирный житель погиб в ходе протестов после военного переворота 25 октября 2021 года.

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Мы еще раз призываем власти предпринять дальнейшие меры укрепления доверия, такие как: обеспечение эффективного прекращения применения силы против протестующих; отмена чрезвычайных указов; обеспечение прогресса в текущих расследованиях нарушений прав человека; и освобождение арестованных за свои политические взгляды в соответствии с законодательством о чрезвычайном положении.

Эти меры могут помочь оживить поиск точек соприкосновения и позволить международному сообществу вернуться к полному участию в сопровождении Судана на его пути к демократии.

Мы помним сегодня всех жертв по всему Судану и вновь обязуемся поддерживать суданский народ в его стремлении к свободе, миру, справедливости и верховенству закона.

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