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We are thrilled to announce our innovative Spring Leadership Course (Ages 12-16) located at Headington School in Oxford.

Aspiring leaders can choose to study General English, Business or Science for 1-2 weeks between 30th March - 13th April 2020.

This course provides students with the opportunity to improve their academic knowledge and develop fundamental leadership skills through a variety of dynamic and fun challenges. Each pathway is structured around our Time to Shine syllabus, meaning that students at the end of each week will have the opportunity to present their projects in our Time to Shine Ceremony. 


Please download our 2020 brochure for Summer Boarding Courses at Headington School for detailed information, dates and fees from Dukes Partner Portal.

Example schedule, photos, videos and booking forms can also be found at the Portal.



Summer courses available in July/August 2020:

Summer Schools (8-16 years):
15 hours per week of subject lessons, A1-C2

SBC Oxford (8-12): English, Summer Study 
SBC Canford (11-15): General English, English Literature, 'Introduction to' courses in Medicine, Business, STEM and International Relations
Headington Oxford (13-16): English, Global Young Leaders, Coding, Summer Study 

Summer Leadership Academies (13-16 years):
15 hours per week of subject lessons + 10 hours per week of leadership development, B1-C2

Wellington College *NEW FOR 2020*: English, Business, Introduction to IB, Introduction to Engineering, Mathematics, Sciences 
Eton College: English, Humanities, Mathematics, STEM

Summer Colleges (15-17 years):
20 hours per week of subject lessons, B1-C2

Oxford University, Wycliffe Hall: English, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Politics & Economics
Cambridge University, Clare College *NEW FOR 2020*: Business, International Relations, Law, Medicine


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